Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost There

She is almost there, just a little more. Ashlyn is WALKING um taking steps. She has taken about four steps today. She pretty much starts off walking a few steps and then dives head first. And yes her forehead is COVERED in bruises. And I thought Rayle I mean my boys were crazy. One other thing is she has this laugh. It seriously sounds evil. She does it when she is being silly. Ashlyn is so much stinken FUN! Next week she will be 11 months and I am sure she will be WALKING for sure.

I will try and get a video of her walking er taking steps and put it on here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo Book *~*~*~FREE*~*~*~

What can be more fun than a FREE photo book of my cute little kiddos? How about 2 FREE photo books? Well today I found this wonderful company. I was able to make TWO free coin purses earlier today. Total paid was $3.00. That was all and it includes the shipping. I am keeping one for me and giving one away as a gift. When I joined they offered so many great things. Well if I refer friends and family you get great things too!!!! So who wants a FREE 8x8 photo book and some free prints??? Follow this link HERE and we both win. You can do the same with your friends and get referrals. Leave me a comment about what you will make. I am going to make a book for Ashlyn's 1st Birthday that will be like Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? but it will be Ashlyn Ashlyn What Do You See. Then it will go through our family. HOW fun huh? She can have it forever and I am sure will be a favorite book around here! Here is the link again Happy Photo Booking!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rayle's 4th B-day

The last weekend of June we had Rayle's 4th Birthday party. He was so excited that day. He woke up extra early and reminded me that it was his party day. He had seen some presents and wanted to open them right away but I reminded him he needed to wait until the party. We had the water slide out and we made some duct tape wallets and purses. Rayle was all over the place on what he wanted. A few months ago he wanted a Wolverine suit. Then he wanted a Black SpiderMan suit. Well guess what they don't have those around in June! I guess I will find some after Halloween and put them away for Christmas. So we went with Buzz. He got one a few years back and it has seen its days of play. So we upgraded and got a new one. Also we found this Buzz that hooks into an MP3 player. It talks and dances to the music. I love using it while making dinner. Ashlyn thinks it is funny. Rayle really loves all of his Buzz toys. Here are some pictures of the day.
He lined up some of his Buzz dolls. There is even a tiny lego Buzz not sure if you can see it on the far left.
Teagan getting some AIR!
Spencer enjoying the slide.
Playing on the bunk bed.
Making the duct tape wallets and purses.
Happy 4th Birthday Rayle, we love you and yes you are very excited about turning 5 but lets just try out 4 for a little while. (like a YEAR!)