Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nail Art

I really love my nails. Seriously like my most favorite thing about me. Sad huh. Anyways, I have been bad about painting them so the other day I looked up some ideas on good ol' Pinterest. Such a wonderful site!!! I decided to paint them red and white with polka dots. Really loved how they turned out. If I had black I would have totally added a bow or even a Mickey Mouse face. Maybe next time. My friend wanted me to paint her nails, so today she came over and I did hers. I LOVE how they turned out. It was pink and silver with like a leopard spots on the nails. It makes me want to do mine over. Ashlyn got her nails painted yesterday, but the little stink peeled the polish off. I spent a good 20 minutes on them. Gotta love almost 4 yr olds! She wanted me to paint hers again, but honestly not sure if I want to because she'll probably just peel it off again!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable day celebrating this great country we live in! Our Father in Heaven preserved this great country until these later days to help pave the way for the gospel. I am so grateful for all the freedoms that I have and that I can live in such a great nation!!! I am thankful for all of my rights! Today we celebrated pretty low key. Brian worked yesterday night so needed to sleep most of the day. We kept it low key so he could get some rest. All the kids got bathed and I was able to paint their faces for this evening. For dinner we had some hamburgers and hotdogs with french fries and corn. Easy dinner! We decided to go to the fireworks show in AJ again this year. This was the third year we have gone. It's pretty low key, they offer bounce houses for the kids and free watermelon. They also have vending as well. There is a live band that plays country. Tonight we got there perfect timing not too earlier but not overly crowded. The kids ran off as soon as we secured our spot. They enjoyed the bounce houses for sure!!! The fireworks came on at 9 and it was a 35 minute show!!! It was great!!! Also it did not take long at all to get to our truck and get home. All in all its been a wonderful night.  Happy 4th of July!!!