Monday, October 31, 2011

My little spider and ghost

So I changed the eyes on my spider and made a white pom pom and turned it into a ghost.

What do you think?

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3 Little Candycorns

The kids can't dress up today, but I still wanted them to have the Halloween spirit. So I saw a cute onesie dyed like candycorn. So I decided to do the same with some t-shirts for the kids. Now they can still go to school, but not be too much of a distraction. Well except Rayle is super duper hyper today.


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carving Time

On Friday the boys had a half day so I decided that would be the perfect time to carve some pumpkins. I picked some up at the market and when they got home we got to work. It was perfect because Ashlyn was still napping and we could work without interruptions. The boys gate to touch slimy stuff so cleaning out the pumpkins was not a highlight for them. Both put on gloves to help with the job, silly boys! Then the designing began. Rayle has an obsession with Two-Face from Batman. So we did that. Teagan was undecided, but eventually came up with a dragon. The boys picked a princess for Ashlyn, and after carving two pumpkins, I was done so it was kind of lame. It was fun to spend some time with just the boys. Can't wait to see what they imagine next year!


Notice the gloves!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunken and Treaten

My phone totally auto corrected Trunken to Drunken, HELLO how often have I used that word phone???? Like never until today. Anywho, last night was our wards trunk or treat. What is a trunk or treat? You line up in a parking lot with your vehicles and pass out globs of candy to the same kids as these make the rounds twenty times. ;) Ashlyn just helped herself to our loot and overflowed her bucket. I think there might be a candy addiction in the making with that girl. So we were the Ghostbusters, and it was a lot of fun. Everyone keeps asking me if I made them all, either our costumes look like crap because I handmade them, or people think I have mad skill, um let's go with the mad skill option! There was a pumpkin contest and Rayle got an award for the silliest pumpkin, and Teagan got an award for most detailed pumpkin. Mom gets a reward for allowing her sons to be as creative as they want, and I end up craving the pumpkins! Also a couple in the ward took family pictures so that was cool. Can't wait for them to send it to us in e-mail. Brian decided about an hour before it was time to go to church to make the Ghostbuster emblem for the sides of our vehicle. Teagan is still amazed at his fathers mad skill. It's funny because both Brian and I have shown our children some of our artwork, but I guess because we,are parents, we don't qualify for having any other abilities. Silly kids! All in all we enjoyed our night.

Okay yes let's address Mr. Rayle, he wanted to go as something other than a ghostbuster, so we met in the middle and painted his face and hair like Two-Face and he wore the ghosrbuster costume as well.

(better picture before we left)

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Mash

Rayles kindergarten class made these a few weeks ago, and today we got to bring him home. He is one crazy haired monster! It was fun to go into the class and help out. I am going again into Rayles tomorrow to do an art project. Then on Monday I get to do it with Teagans class. Can't wait!!!
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My little ittsy spider

I made this little guy over the weekend, but still needed some eyes. I should have gone with some bigger ones. Maybe I will go back and get some larger eyes. Still a cutie though!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

gummy they are Yummy

I don't recommend shapes with angles too hard to get out of the mold.
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Yummy Gummy

I forgot I had the dinosaur sucker mold. Now we wait.
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Let's make some snacks

I found a recipe for homemade gummy candy so we are making them tonight. So far so good but I'm only on step one with Teagan and Rayle. The only candy molds I have are Christmas but that's okay its only a few months away!
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White Lightening Chili

Okay so the presentation is not looking so great, but it is so GOOD! I had this chili on Saturday and I was excited to find a chili that was good and tomato free. So today I tried my hand at the recipe. I think I used more chicken then in the Saturday one so I think next time I might use two cans of chicken broth instead of one. So excited about leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!! The kids liked it too. And the spice was just enough kick as well!
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fright Fest Picture

Forgot to add this picture of Teagan in the last post.
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Fright Fest 2011

Last night was the annual Fright Fest for Noah Webster Basic School, and as usual it was a blast for the kids!!! This year for Halloween I really wanted a theme costume that the entire family could wear. Brian HATES to dress up so I had a problem there, and Rayle was being stubborn about being something that was from Batman. I did not want to be CatWoman!!! So as I was searching I found that the Ghostbusters would totally work, and Brian was cool with that idea!!! Last night we had so many people telling us how great we all looked. It was pretty cool! Before we entered the school we were putting on the packs and some of the teachers were waiting patiently for us to enter to snag a family picture. It was very fun. Later the principle even stopped us to capture another image. The boys really enjoyed the night as did Ashlyn. There were someblow up slide and obstacle course and she did NOT want to wait her turn. She was so cute! On the slide they had to climb up this very steep steps/hand holds, not sure how to explain it. I think that the slide was probably 40 feet high though! I told the boys to help her and of course they took off. Ashlyn was left to climb herself, thankfully one of the workers climbed up after her to make sure she didn't fall or if she needed help. Then when she reached the top she ran to the other side and slid down, I totally missed it. People said she went flying and I thought she would have been scared, oh no she wanted to go again. The Haunted Ghost Town was hilarious! I was really amazed at all the cool things they have like pictures that change images and such. I have never gone in before so it was fun to help scare the kids. Ashlyn HATED it!!! All in all it was a great night! On Monday I am going to see if I can track down the person that took our family picture and see if I can get a copy. I took a picture with my phone, but I took it so I am not in it. :( This is the only fundraiser that the school has to help raise funds for their school. I love this fact as my children are not asked to make sales and take donations for the school. Then later in theyear they do a fundraiser for a non-profit. Last year they did a food drive, and the year before that they did a donation for Andrea's Closet that buys toys for hospitals for sick children. I really think that is helping our children to see that others matter and it's not about a prize, it's about helping those in need!!! I am excited to see what this year will bring!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Smarty Pants

Rayle and Teagan got their first quarter report cards yesterday. So proud of those two. Both made Honor Roll! Teagan has been on Honor Roll for 9 straight quarters! I am so grateful that they both love school for the most part, and they do their homework when asked. The other day they both did most of their work on the bus. Teagan does this a lot but Rayle has not. It's exciting to see them learning and becoming interested in new things. Teagan is all about Science, its really cute! Rayle is interested more in super hero, but that's okay, I don't want him to grow up too quickly! Love those boys!!!
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pom pom spider

pom pom spider

Is this not the CUTEST!!!! On Saturday is our Super Saturday for Relief Society, and I didn't sign up for a craft, nothing I couldn't live without!!! Anyways I plan on making a couple of these bad boys, and I want to try and tweak the pattern a little and make a ghost. We will see how it goes. Super Duper excited!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

BassPro kind of day

Last weekend we went to BassPro for their cowboy days. The kids had a blast roping and riding. Rayle and Ashlyn got their face painted. All three of them got a cow bell. It was a lot of fun, plus it was FREE! Most of the things we do on Saturday are free, but also fun. I loved getting out of the house with my brood. Also grandma went too, and my kids always love seeing her!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rockin Ghosts

Getting into the Halloween spirit with these cute little ghosts. So fun and easy to make! Big plus the cost ZERO dollars to make. Gotta love FREE Halloween decorations.

Crazy girl we love

Ashlyn is so full of energy. She loves to get into just about everything. She loves all of her brothers toys, but also has interest in baby dolls and purses. She LOVES shoes and I can't blame her, I do too! When I wear make up she wants to wear it too. I think she is defiantly a daddy girl though and she prefers Brian over me. She also has down pat the GLARE! At dinner she will do it and we will do it back, then she will start laughing. She is so much fun.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calling the Tooth Fairy

Today Teagan and Rayle were wrestling and Teagans very wigglely tooth came right out. This is the 5th tooth Teagan has lost!