Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunken and Treaten

My phone totally auto corrected Trunken to Drunken, HELLO how often have I used that word phone???? Like never until today. Anywho, last night was our wards trunk or treat. What is a trunk or treat? You line up in a parking lot with your vehicles and pass out globs of candy to the same kids as these make the rounds twenty times. ;) Ashlyn just helped herself to our loot and overflowed her bucket. I think there might be a candy addiction in the making with that girl. So we were the Ghostbusters, and it was a lot of fun. Everyone keeps asking me if I made them all, either our costumes look like crap because I handmade them, or people think I have mad skill, um let's go with the mad skill option! There was a pumpkin contest and Rayle got an award for the silliest pumpkin, and Teagan got an award for most detailed pumpkin. Mom gets a reward for allowing her sons to be as creative as they want, and I end up craving the pumpkins! Also a couple in the ward took family pictures so that was cool. Can't wait for them to send it to us in e-mail. Brian decided about an hour before it was time to go to church to make the Ghostbuster emblem for the sides of our vehicle. Teagan is still amazed at his fathers mad skill. It's funny because both Brian and I have shown our children some of our artwork, but I guess because we,are parents, we don't qualify for having any other abilities. Silly kids! All in all we enjoyed our night.

Okay yes let's address Mr. Rayle, he wanted to go as something other than a ghostbuster, so we met in the middle and painted his face and hair like Two-Face and he wore the ghosrbuster costume as well.

(better picture before we left)

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