Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kinder ready or not she's coming!

Last Monday night was Ashlyn's preschool graduation. Even though I have seen the same graduation twice before it seriously kills me of the cuteness! Ashlyn was adorable of course and she is going to rule the room I am sure in kindergarten. Hope we don't get too many calls of her being miss bossy pants. I love that girl and am so blessed to be able to raise her and be her mommy! She is also going to be one amazing big sister as well!!! I can't wait to spend some special time with all the kids this summer and make next year start off great. 
Ready to go! 
"Mom let me make a face!" Sass!!!!
Side French braid. Love her hair!!!
Side view 
The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Ashlyn played the bird. Teagan took these pics as I was filming. 
She's looking at daddy! 
Class picture I love the panoramic I don't even know how Teagan took it haha it's cool though! 
I think daddy's flash was off. But here's Ashlyn smiling with her preschool diploma. She's off to graduate school haha!

Miss Dawn gets the kids tassels I actually came across Rayles just recently. It's too cute! Ashlyn was super excited about getting to keep hers. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rayle makes Honor Roll

Today we got to attend the awards assembly for Rayle. Seriously that kid makes me happy...most of the time. Okay really we both struggle with each other. I think I push his buttons and he pushes mine! But when he's sweet he is SWEET!!! Every year Rayle comes home and complains about school and all the work. He says it's too hard and blah blah blah, but I know he is capable. He is in an advance class and through the year he has maintained an average grade level of 90% or better. Today he was rewarded for his hard work with his Honor Roll medal. His smile shows he was proud of himself I just wish that on the days he is ranting and raving that he can remember the joy of having that medal and knowing how he got it. Also seriously how cute is he!!! I know we are bias as his parents but dang we make some cute kids!!!!
Rayle shaking Ms Wades hand. 
It's blurry but Rayle waiting for his classmates to get their awards. 
Entire class Rayle is at the top just to the right of the kid holding up the certificate. 
Rayle and his second grade teacher Mrs. Barberio
Our handsome soon to be third grader!!! Master Rayle Carter Gibson great job son! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tumbling Recital

Last Friday we got to go and watch Ashlyn's tumbling recital. She was so excited for it and we were all happy to see her perform. On Thursday was the dress rehearsal which she did amazing at. Wish I had filmed that! Sadly not all the kids went to the rehearsal so on Friday the big night Ashlyn was hit by a too crowded tumble and she completely shut down. It was kind of sad because she was so excited and then she didn't do the rest of the routine. We are still super proud of her though. She did finish at the end her one trick to show off. Also the length of time she really lost the desire to stay and watch all the other performers. Hopefully next year she will be better with patience and if something does happen on stage she'll push through and continue on. On a side note she looked adorable!!! I did double French braids and curled the ends of her hair, also I painted her nails and toes orange to match her leotard and shorts. When we came home all the kids were tumbling and excited to show off. Rayle wants to sign up for next year, but the classes are all full. So Ashlyn will continue next year and we are excited for all that she will learn. 
This was before we left after I did her hair and make-up
Picture of her lovely hair. 
Start of the recital. They had their back facing up and turned around. 
Ashlyn and her tumbling teacher Miss Brenda. She is a lady in our ward. 
We got some tulips for Ashlyn. She was excited about them! 
This is the picture we ordered. I also have a class picture. I plan on putting them in a frame and hanging it in her room. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ninja Ashlyn

Love when dress up clothes can be passed down. And totally funny Teagan wore this costume at seven! Ashlyn will be five in a few months haha. 
Ninjas totally smile!
Give me your mean face!
Don't mess with Ashlyn!!! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Teagan is 10!

May 5, 2004 I became a mommy!!! There is nothing like your first kid making you a parent. I love all my kids but Teagan was the one that brought me into the realm of parenthood. He is such a caring and intelligent boy! I am proud of him and he does well with everything he tries. He's smart and listens and is very helpful at home. He is going to be an amazing big brother!
All the boys at Teagan's party. What is with them all taking off their shirts??? Silly boys. 
Teagan allowed me off the hook and I made ice cream pies instead of cake. Yum! 
Teagan got lots of great gifts. These are from Aunt Candy and Uncle Brian but the best gift is when they move to AZ!!!
And I had to use this. Aw!!! Lehi and Teagan I drove in from Coolidge to have pictures for Father's Day. So sweet!