Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teagan was Baptized

This last Saturday, May 26th, Teagan was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can't believe he is 8 already and now baptized. Honestly where has the time gone?!?! Teagan has been pretty excited for this day to come. Last month we were able to go to another baptism for a boy in our ward, so that one Teagan could support his friend, and then also see how it was going to go down. I am a little sad because there was like NO DIRECTION from the stake about when to be there to prep for the baptism so the boys barely were dressed before it all started. I had wanted to get some pictures of Teagan, and the family and well that flew out the door. Here are the few pictures I was able to snap, and I felt like everyone was like who's the crazy with the camera. But I wanted to make sure I have these pictures so we can look back and remember what a special day it was. Teagan came up out of the water with the HUGEST smile anyone has ever seen. It was seriously priceless. After the baptism and the confirmation Ashlyn kept saying "my turn I go to the water" and she was all about trying to get daddy to take her to the "water" for her turn at some swimming. Hon you have to wait a little over five years for "your turn!" All in all it was a good day. Afterwards, some family and friends joined us at home and we had BBQ chicken sandwiches, baked beans, pasta salad, fruit, and some desserts. It was nice to relax and enjoy the company of others. 
Teagan before we realized we should have shown up at least 30 minutes before we had!
 Brian and Teagan.
 After a hasty change the boys are ready for the baptism.
 Proud mom and Teagan.
 Rayle was really having a hard time with this, just two more years. He however is like Ashlyn and does not want to wait his turn.
On a side note yesterday I took the kids to Chic-fil-a for dinner and there was another mom with an 8 and 5 year old little boys. Rayle mentioned that Teagan got baptized on Saturday and then asked if their 8 year old was baptized too. I told him not everyone believes in getting baptized. It was funny but maybe that mom will some day look into why children are baptized at 8. I don't know maybe I should have said something more. But it completely caught me off guard. Silly boy!

Monday, May 28, 2012


I think I made Honor Roll just a few times in elementary school. And I don't recall what you had to have to get it like all A's or were B's allowed. The boys school wants 90% and better to be on the Honor Roll, and they are both in above average levels in their grades. They both were on the Honor Roll for the entire year! What smart boys! The school held an assembly and Ashlyn and I were able to go and watch the boys get their medals and then each grade level had a slide show. It is always fun to watch for your own children, and sometimes you are on the slideshow too. For Rayle's assembly he was on the slideshow a few times and then I was with a funny face because I was giving the kids some instructions when I helped out in a class project. For Teagan's assembly he was on it quite a bit and then our family was for the Fright Fest when we were dressed as the GhostBusters. That was pretty COOL! So very proud of our two young men and their hard work to get all straight A's!!!

 Rayle coming in to sit down for the Assembly.
 Ms. Wade the school's director talking about the achievement of Honor Roll.
 Recognizing the teachers and aides. This is Mrs. DeMarco Rayle's teacher and aide Ms. Tami.
 Rayle enthusiastically getting his medal, you can smile it's OKAY!!!
 Love this picture of Rayle and his teacher Mrs. DeMarco!
 For Teagan's assembly we were able to sit in the front row, Ashlyn kept trying to get to Teagan though, so that was NOT enjoyable!
 Teagan's teacher Ms. Bittinger being recognized. 
 Teagan pumped to get his medal!
 Teagan waving at Ashlyn and I!

Teagan and his teacher Ms. Bittinger.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

PARTY time

It is time to kick it into gear for some birthday fun! There were a TON of kids and I think they all had fun, maybe too much as we had to limit the amount of kiddos in the bounce house. The swing was also a huge hit. Funny thing, I guess most homes don't have a swing in their trees. For all the kids I made Ninjago masks and as I was snapping pictures I asked them to do their best Ninjago move. It was funny as half of them listened and the other half was just standing. It was a very fun day, and honestly the less stressed I have been before and during a party!

 Had to make a girl version, she kept this one for most of the party time. What a cute little Ninjago!!!

 What a SMILE! I love this pic!

 Rayle was so cute helping with the presents! Teagan got a Lego Batman set and Rayle IMMEDIATLY took it inside so it was "safe". Too funny. Glad Teagan is so willing to share his spoils!
 I love this pic of our friends little boy. Mask to the side and upside down he seriously wore it so good! He looked very hip!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Here are the yummys for the Lego Party we had for Teagan. Love the little lego men protecting the cupcakes! Too fun!

 Here is the cake I made for the occasion!
 Frosted in red, okay salmon more like it. Darn frosting wanted to stay pink. 
 Kai looking good on our Lego Ninjago cake!
 One of Teagan's friends lent me a Lego cake pan and instead I used it to make a lemonade ice cube! I had a clear pitcher that I tired to use and you could see him floating in the juice, but come to find out it was CRACKED and leaking all over the counter! So made a quick switch but then you couldn't see him soaking. :(
 Here he is soaking in a pink lemonade bath.
 Here is the spread, except it's missing the fruit platter that Brian made. I guess I spaced setting it out when I took the picture. I love the look of all the BRIGHT PRIMARY colors. Seriously Yellow, Red, and Blue just work so WELL TOGETHER!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lego Man Army

I made a bunch of lego man last week and it looked like an army of them. So fun and I am glad I used candy melts and not just chocolate because the yellow made those little guys POP!!!
I got this "ice cube tray" from the Lego store online. The actual store stopped selling them :(
Instead of water I used these yellow candy melts to fill my tray!

Brian was funny he said I need a double boiler, which I have but the bottom I use all the time as a pan and it was dirty, so I microwaved the melts instead. I think I know what I am doing, but don't tell Brian that! ;)
 Here the melts spooned in. I placed the tray in the freezer for about 5 minutes and...

 I have a perfect little lego man that was going to be used as a cupcake topper! So fun. I made probably about 40 of these little guys. Ashlyn eat oh about 8 of them. When I made my cupcakes she got into those too so when I was decorating I actually had the EXACT number of lego men for cupcakes I had frosted. What are the chances!?! Teagan loved them and all the kids thought they were pretty cool too!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wait WHAT, they make those???? I want one, oh wait I do!!! Ever since I was a little kid I loved to get the mail! Seriously there is something wrong with me, because generally it's bills, or well junk. NEVER anything good. Well except around b-days and holidays. SO anywho, the mailbox is pretty fun, and well we have an ACTUAL mailbox not a large boring gray cube that holds 20 other boxes. So why in the WORLD have we not dressed up our mailbox until now??? I have no idea, it never occured to me. Our mailbox is old and the flag will not stay up. We lodge a rock between the box and the flag when we have out going mail. Well since we are going to have a lego themed b-day soon, I thought what better way to represent lego than on the mailbox!!! So today that is what we did!!! Seriously I have to giggle every time I look at it! It's ADORABLE, and Teagan and Rayle think we are some pretty cool parents! Ashlyn even told daddy "good job building!" So cute!

The transformation of our mailbox!
So worn and BORING!

 Our little flag that is old and tired.
 First step I took off the old numbers and primed the mailbox.

 Next Brian made some bricks, out of the bottom of soda cans.
 Sides are red (a brink lego on it's side) and the front and back are yellow.

 This is the other side of the brick (bottom).
 Now add a face. This side is winking back at the house!!!
 Facing the road.
 LOVE!!! Brian repainted the flag yellow, but I totally forgot to snap a pic since he put it back on.
Also after like 3 or 4 tries we stenciled on the house number. That was a PAIN. I penciled in on then painted it. Dumb stencil kept letting the paint drip down.