Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wait WHAT, they make those???? I want one, oh wait I do!!! Ever since I was a little kid I loved to get the mail! Seriously there is something wrong with me, because generally it's bills, or well junk. NEVER anything good. Well except around b-days and holidays. SO anywho, the mailbox is pretty fun, and well we have an ACTUAL mailbox not a large boring gray cube that holds 20 other boxes. So why in the WORLD have we not dressed up our mailbox until now??? I have no idea, it never occured to me. Our mailbox is old and the flag will not stay up. We lodge a rock between the box and the flag when we have out going mail. Well since we are going to have a lego themed b-day soon, I thought what better way to represent lego than on the mailbox!!! So today that is what we did!!! Seriously I have to giggle every time I look at it! It's ADORABLE, and Teagan and Rayle think we are some pretty cool parents! Ashlyn even told daddy "good job building!" So cute!

The transformation of our mailbox!
So worn and BORING!

 Our little flag that is old and tired.
 First step I took off the old numbers and primed the mailbox.

 Next Brian made some bricks, out of the bottom of soda cans.
 Sides are red (a brink lego on it's side) and the front and back are yellow.

 This is the other side of the brick (bottom).
 Now add a face. This side is winking back at the house!!!
 Facing the road.
 LOVE!!! Brian repainted the flag yellow, but I totally forgot to snap a pic since he put it back on.
Also after like 3 or 4 tries we stenciled on the house number. That was a PAIN. I penciled in on then painted it. Dumb stencil kept letting the paint drip down.

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