Saturday, April 27, 2013

Princess Camp

Yesterday our boys went camping for Fathers and Sons except they went with another dad since Brian had to work and couldn't take time off. I had planned to have Ashlyn and I do a princess camp. It would include watching movies, doing hair and make-up, and painting nails. But I was so worn out from the Field Day at work so we didn't do a lot. We had dinner and watched Tangled and then I crashed. Ashlyn fell asleep with me in bed too. So this morning I had to redeem myself and I did her hair, make-up, and nails. I had her put on the flower girl dress from my sisters wedding from last year and I snapped some pics. She had fun but won't do all the poses I wanted her too. Daddy was not too happy, he said she looked to grown up and he's not ready for his little princess to be all decked out in make-up. We were just having some fun though and man it's tough getting make-up on Ashlyn she does not sit still for ANYTHING!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Lately Ashlyn has been cracking us up with what she says and does. A few days ago she told Brian in the morning that "she went to bed and woke up, and now she is big". Over night she was ready for kindergarten, however we are not...thankfully she has one more year before that! Yesterday while watching T.V. there was a commercial about twin babies, she told me we need two babies and that when they cry we can just put them in cages! I don't know where she is learning these mothering skills?!? Maybe because she is locked in her room for time outs since she does not stay in the corner? Anyways if there is "a" baby (not 2) in our future I will be sure to not lock them up when they cry!
She also has great style when allowed to dress herself! And apparently she gets VERY distracted as seen in these photos!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ladies Man

Ever since Rayle was little he has been a ladies man, not sure if I should be worried about that yet. He loves to dress up and when I told him to go get ready for his first grade program the other day, he hurried and got dressed. What a stud! I love this kid!!! I also LOVE the fact that he wants to wear glasses, like totally OBSESSED with it. Brian found some old frames and popped out the lenses and Rayle was in glasses heaven!!! So cute! This little guy is rocking 1st grade right now. Already doing multiplication in math, hello I struggled in 3rd grade to learn mine facts. I am so proud of him! Honor Roll as 3 quarters so far and should make the 4th as well.