Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teagan graduates from Preschool!

On May 20th we were able to attend a graduation for Teagan from preschool. He is on his way to kindergarten. It was a wonderful evening. The children performed a skit and it was very cute. Dawn Spier then had them get into their caps and gowns and receive their diploma's. She got each of them a tassel with 2009 which they were able to keep. What a wonderful idea. It was nice to watch the children and see their excitement. On the 21st was Teagan's last day. It was a swim party and after having over 14 days of 100+ weather it rains. The children still swam and all was good. Mrs. Spier made up little yearbooks for the children to keep and they got to sign their names on them. Again I am just amazed at this women and I am so thankfully that we found her ad. I know Teagan is ready for kindergarten even if I am NOT! Here is the video of the skit and some pictures from the graduation and the last day of school.

Our spider that wiggles and jiggled inside her.

Here is Teagan and his teacher Mrs. Spier.
Teagan in his cap and gown. HOW CUTE HUH!?!
Teagan receiving his diploma.
Teagan showing his diploma off.
Teagan and Karstin eating goodies after swimming.
Here are all the preschoolers with a few extras.
Teagan swimming away.
Here are some of the kids eating popsicles in the pool. Thankfully no one spilled.

He did not like the other children splashing him. I was laughing because lately when we swim it is just us.

What a great few months Teagan has had at this preschool. We look forward to taking Rayle there as well in the fall. When you find something good you stick too it. We are so proud of Teagan and all that he has learned in such a short time there. Thanks again to Mrs. Spier for a wonderful semester.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On May 16th Candy, Dana, and I went to see our ALL TIME FAVORITE COMEDIAN Brian Regan. If you have never heard of him, shame on you! j/k He is so great, and he has clean comedy. It was so much fun to go out one last time before Dana moves. And to go to Brian Regan was the best! The first time I heard a Brian Regan joke was like when I was 14. Dana had gone hiking with us and she was needing a distraction so she started quoting these jokes. IT was so funny. Her family had a VHS tape of a comedy special, and seriously we watched that so many times the sound on the tape started to fade. I have seen him 4 times. He is awesome. We decided to make up shirts with some of our favorite jokes and wear them. Of course I did not take too many pictures, but oh the memories are so worth it!! Again if you get the chance then check him out. He is to die for and his facial expressions ARE THE BEST!!!!! We took my dad before he pasted and he even loved him! Thanks Candy for the tickets. They were some of the best belated birthday gifts I have ever gotten. Here are a few pics.Dana's shirt: The big yellow one is the sun. My shirt: I should've got the medium. Candy's shirt: How do I get that goodness in me?
We also did the back side.
Dana: You Too is case you ever fly someday. Mine: Whens that baby due? What Baby? Um at the zoo. The pandas, Linling when is she due? Candy: K.A.T. I am outta here.
Here we are at Dodge Theater. It was great right on the first row of the 3rd balcony in the middle.
Here is the best pic I snapped of Brian on the big screen. He was on the other night on Comedy Central, and I just love it!!

One Graduation Down

Dana is my cousin that is just four months younger than I am. She is the reason I met Brian. We have always been great friends! During high school we hung out ALL the time. Even now with life we do not see each other that often, but when we do, we pick it right back up to the old times! There are many embarrassing moments in there to remember. Dana has been working on her Associates Degree at MCC and she graduated on May 15th. It was great to go and support her. It is NEVER too late to finish a degree and I know Dana has worked SO HARD!! I am so proud of her and that she stuck it out and she plans on finishing her schooling in North Carolina. GREAT JOB DANA!!!!!
The Graduate!
Dana and her mom, Aunt Sharon.
Dana, her mom, and sister Carey. Dana and Carey.
Okay I was messing around and someone snapped a pic. Nice!
Here is Brian, Dana, and I.

Aloha Dana and Dave

After Teagan's party we had a party for my cousin and her husband. They are moving to North Carolina. It was fun to get together one last time with all the family. I hope that they enjoy their new move, and we will miss them. We were all a little tired, but enjoyed the night! Here are some pictures from the evening; I did not take too many because it was dark.
Here is Dana, Candy, and I.
Here is Dana and Candy.
Going to the party!
Going to the party!

Teagan's Party with Friends

On May 9th we had a party for Teagan and his friends. We had it at my mom's and pulled out the ol water slide. All the kids had some much fun playing on the slide. Teagan really had a great class of friends. Here are some pictures of the party.
Here is Teagan sliding on down.
Here is Teagan and Karstin. This is one of Teagan's favorite buddies!!
Teagan opening his lot.
Here are all the party goers except one. She was shy and did not want to join this crazy bunch.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Look Back...

Here is where it all started, well I guess really nine months early but let's not go there. I took castor oil at about 10 am and labor kicked in at about 3 pm. We got to the hospital just after 5 pm and Teagan almost made it to the 6th of May but arrived at 11:23 pm on May 5th 2004. He was 19inches and 6.6lbs.
Teagan had some problems when he was born. He was blue and not breathing. The nursing staff rushed in and got him breathing. Here he is screaming and getting air into those lungs. Cute pic of Teagan in a basket.
Yum, dinner time.
Cleaning at Grandma Hummer's.
I could of pictures, but will stop here. Unfortunately many great pictures were lost because we did not back up our files. Teagan is such a wonderful little boy, and we love him so much. I know that he will be a great helper with the new baby since he was wonderful with Rayle. I will have a hard time with him being gone ALL day next year. He is so smart and I can't believe he is growing up so quickly. Teagan We LOVE YOU!!!!!

May 5, 2009

Teagan officially turned five on May 5th. This year was his special day because he turned 5 on the 5th. Teagan had preschool that day so the night before I made a fun shirt for him to wear.
I made cupcakes and we brought them in to share before it was time to go home. All the kids loved eating them. For dinner we went out to Red Robin (second year in a row for Teagan, he loves that place). Red was not there, but Teagan enjoyed his dinner and liked the waiting staff that sung to him. Also when Teagan was born we got a set of plaster containers for each year until he is 5. So we did that as well. You know what is horrible though, every year I got his hand except 3. I should just do Rayle's since he will be 3 soon. They are the same size an all. J/K I will just have 1, 2, 4, and 5 little hand prints. Teagan did really good will the plaster. He is not a big fan of having messy hands and he is improving on this tons. Come on he is a boy and they are suppose to LOVE to get dirty!!
Teagan ready for preschool wearing his shirt.
Cupcakes for preschool.
Teagan with his friends enjoying their cupcakes.
One of the boys, Connor being silly.

So because Teagan turned 5 on the 5th I got him some scratcher tickets. No we do not gamble, it was just for fun. When I turned 9 on the 9th I got a lottery ticket from my mom. No I did not win! However Teagan won $23! He has more money than Mom and Dad!!Holding up his winning tickets! By the way those machines do not give back change, I wanted 5 $1 tickets and put in a $10 so Teagan got more chances, but oh well, live and learn and do not gamble!

Teagan getting ready to do an impression of his hand.

Here we go, hand is down and fingers look good.

Smile for the camera!!

Here is the finished hand print. He only needs a few inches and his hands will be as big as moms. Well I do have little kid hands:0)

Here is Daddy and Teagan at Red Robin! Teagan told the waitress as soon as we sat down that he was 5 that day. It was too cute!

Here is Teagan hiding behind some balloons as the waiting staff was singing. He shared his ice cream a little!!

My baby is 5!

I can not believe I have a five year old that is starting kindergarten next fall. It makes me cry just thinking about it!! Teagan had a wonderful birthday celebration. We opted to have two parties, one for family and one for some of his friends from preschool. For the family party on May 1st we went to Riverview and had a potluck BBQ. Also everyone had fun playing volleyball, except me, I sat that one out in fear I would go diving for the ball. Teagan had such a great time and there are some many people that love him! A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME AND BROUGHT FOOD!! Here are some pictures from the day.
Tight budget=Mom makes cake. Actually I was pretty proud of this cake! If you are not down with kids cartoons, this is a Ben 10 Omitrix cake and I added all of Teagan's characters on the edges.
Finishing setting up before everyone got there. Such and easy party, I did not have to clean a house just go to the park!
Here is some of the volleyball playing. Glad we keep our ball in the back of the car for occasions such as this!
Please can I open my presents!!
Teagan waiting so patiently! Candy trying to be like someone I know. I can't wait until I can give her crap about being pregnant. Well that is if she EVER finds someone to marry first!
Happy Birthday to Teagan!One Happy Boy on the ride home!