Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Gotta love extended family with older kids. Brian's cousins are a few years older than our children and the oldest Sierra is almost 16 and has out grown her PINK DS. I had asked if they had any that we could have for Rayle since he likes to play Teagan's. They had a pink one to give. We knew Rayle would be just THRILLED to have a pink DS. Since Brian is SO handy he went ahead and found a black case to switch out the pink cover. Didn't know you could do that, and how handy as the new case was only $10! So with a little time to wait from the eBay purchase and a little more time for Brian to switch the cases, Rayle was able to get a new case on his Pink DS. When the case got here though it was blue instead of black. Ok it still worked, anything is better than PINK for a boy...RIGHT!!! Now Teagan and Rayle can play their DS's in style and enjoy each having their own with no sharing involved!!!

 I meant to take a picture before Brian start but he beat me to it and started to fast. Here is the light pink case being taken apart.

 Now the blue case being put together. I like how Brian wrote out the steps so he would be able to do the task! My man follows directions...sometimes!!!

I like to keep that plastic shield on my devices for awhile, when Brian asked Rayle if he wanted to leave it on like mom does, he ripped it off before Brian could even finish the question. Silly boy!!!
Glad for a handy dandy husband that will use his skills instead of just getting a new "boy colored" DS. With a couple of hours of time and $10 Rayle got a "new" DS!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ESCOPPEA Hey it's spelt just like the word ESCAPE

Nap time and bed time are NOT an enjoyable time for Ashlyn. Nap time is now out of the question. She will not lay down and sleep but would rather destroy her room...literally! Yesterday she stuck a metal necklace in the outlet that had her night light in it. Yep tripped the breaker thank goodness nothing worse then a burnt outlet, and not a burnt Ashlyn! Well a few weeks ago Brian was installing a new window AC unit and Ashlyn locked her door. Notice the door knob is turned around, why because she can pop off the handle covers and was able to get out of her room. Her closet handle cover is covered in duck tape so she can't open it. And girls are SUPPOSE to be calmer! HA!!! Anyways Brian was locked in and banging, but we couldn't hear the help he was calling so he let himself out. Well we now need a new door. No worries just put some cardboard in the hole until we can get the door. Well that won't deter our little escape artist if there is ANYTHING she can climb she will. One night we were watching TV well after we had put the kids to bed Brian had a feeling we were being watched. He turned around and there was Ashlyn on our stairs. Brian was POSITIVE he had locked her door. So we investigate. She must have stood up on her quad and put her arm through the door and unlocked the door! Man what that little mind must be thinking all day! So we take the quad out and put her back to bed. Five minutes later she was out again. This time she used the Batman Cave that Rayle had "given" Ashlyn. Well now we made sure nothing except her bed and pillow was in her room. Bedtime was finally achieved. But unfortunately naps are out. She still needs them as right now she is in a fool mood and screaming at me. UGH what to do what to do. 

 The door! The hole and the lock are pretty far from one another.
Her first tool of escape!
 Her second tool of escape!
Showing mommy how she helped herself out!

Friday, September 14, 2012


So I had no idea that they made different colors for key fobs/remotes. Seriously how cool is it to have something other than plain old BLACK. Brian was able to find me a pink one. LOVE IT!!! But I thought that it need just a little more!

 I took a black sharpie and did some zebra lines and made my already cool pink fob into an even cooler pink fob with black zebra lines!!! LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!

I can totally spot where my keys are...most of the time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kindle Fire

Last month we opened up a new checking account. We plan to put money into the account and save up to make home repairs. The reason we went with the account we did is because it offered a gift. There were quite a few choices to pick from, but I had my eyes on the Kindle Fire. I am so glad that I picked this option. 
I. LOVE. IT!!!
I have been able to read more, and I am not sharing with kids with sticky icky fingers. However, I am afraid it will get dropped or thrown. We are getting a sturdy case soon! I know next year for taxes I will have to pay some of the price of the gift, but that is okay. I am super excited for all this little device will bring. Brian likes it too, when it's not in my hands and he has a chance to use it! ;) If you want more info check out 1st Bank! You can apply online for a checking account, and don't forget to use me as a referral!!! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cupcakes + Ice Cream Cones= YUM

When I was a little girl, I honestly dreamed about the day I could make up the fun birthday treats for my future children to share on their special days. Now that I am a mom the kids can't even take a baked good to school! They have to be store bought! :( Well at least preschool is still an option for some baking fun. I decided to make Ashlyn some Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes to take to her classroom friends. Since Ashlyn was feeling sick on her birthday she did not make it to preschool on the day after her birthday to share a treat. So I waited until Monday night to make these up for preschool on Tuesday. Ashlyn was excited to help me with the sprinkles on Tuesday morning. I also had her help me pass out the cupcakes to all the kids. I think they were all excited about their ice cream treat, except it might have gone over better had it actually been real ice cream! When we got to preschool Ashlyn was doing very well listening to Mrs. Spier and doing the motions to the song they are learning. But when she noticed we were there she lost ALL interest in the class and only wanted us. She was happy though when she realized she had treats to share and that mommy and daddy were not leaving her alone.

 Nothing can beat a cupcake!

Happy Birthday sweet little girl, love you!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

BassPro Family Fun

Picture overload, sorry in advance!

Last weekend we took the kids to the BassPro Family Fun Day, I seriously love how they offer things through out the year for the kids. They generally enjoy! There were four different activities to complete for a prize, also hot dogs, face painting, a craft, and of course just being in Bass Pro is enough for our kids! Ashlyn again brought up Santa, seriously this girl is too funny! A few more months hon! The activities were great and the lines not so long. The longest wait was for the face painting. Teagan had a little melt down when Rayle won an extra prize at the first activity, the fishing. The kids had to net one single fish and if there was a number on the bottom they won. They had three chances and Rayle won on his last chance. Teagan started crying and getting up set. At the end the metal detector Teagan won two prizes and now it was Rayle's turn to be upset. Of course he was also hungry so I take that into account too. Ashlyn did pretty well the entire time! Just the whistle Teagan won drove us nuts! Who gives kids whistles as prizes? They blow them right into their already flustered parents ears! Not a good combo!!! They also had free hot dogs so that was cool. By the time we got over to the craft the kids were spent, so instead of doing something else we just went home. Man I thought we had fun, but this post is most about the negative time the kids had. Well the concept was fun, but my kids were just the issue I guess. I guess next time I will load them down with food before hand and not allow anyone to get a prize, then we will be all smiles...yeah right!!!

 Teagan is upset here!!!

 I wanted a picture, but oh no he can't smile even a little!

 He requested a Zombi. 
 Rayle didn't want to get his face painted, I think he was hungry and just wanted to hurry up!

 Ok we were about to leave and this is a CUTE and ALL smiling picture!!!

Can't wait for the other fun activities at BassPro! I think the cowboy ones is coming up next, and they kids LOVED that one!