Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Gotta love extended family with older kids. Brian's cousins are a few years older than our children and the oldest Sierra is almost 16 and has out grown her PINK DS. I had asked if they had any that we could have for Rayle since he likes to play Teagan's. They had a pink one to give. We knew Rayle would be just THRILLED to have a pink DS. Since Brian is SO handy he went ahead and found a black case to switch out the pink cover. Didn't know you could do that, and how handy as the new case was only $10! So with a little time to wait from the eBay purchase and a little more time for Brian to switch the cases, Rayle was able to get a new case on his Pink DS. When the case got here though it was blue instead of black. Ok it still worked, anything is better than PINK for a boy...RIGHT!!! Now Teagan and Rayle can play their DS's in style and enjoy each having their own with no sharing involved!!!

 I meant to take a picture before Brian start but he beat me to it and started to fast. Here is the light pink case being taken apart.

 Now the blue case being put together. I like how Brian wrote out the steps so he would be able to do the task! My man follows directions...sometimes!!!

I like to keep that plastic shield on my devices for awhile, when Brian asked Rayle if he wanted to leave it on like mom does, he ripped it off before Brian could even finish the question. Silly boy!!!
Glad for a handy dandy husband that will use his skills instead of just getting a new "boy colored" DS. With a couple of hours of time and $10 Rayle got a "new" DS!!!

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