Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cupcakes + Ice Cream Cones= YUM

When I was a little girl, I honestly dreamed about the day I could make up the fun birthday treats for my future children to share on their special days. Now that I am a mom the kids can't even take a baked good to school! They have to be store bought! :( Well at least preschool is still an option for some baking fun. I decided to make Ashlyn some Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes to take to her classroom friends. Since Ashlyn was feeling sick on her birthday she did not make it to preschool on the day after her birthday to share a treat. So I waited until Monday night to make these up for preschool on Tuesday. Ashlyn was excited to help me with the sprinkles on Tuesday morning. I also had her help me pass out the cupcakes to all the kids. I think they were all excited about their ice cream treat, except it might have gone over better had it actually been real ice cream! When we got to preschool Ashlyn was doing very well listening to Mrs. Spier and doing the motions to the song they are learning. But when she noticed we were there she lost ALL interest in the class and only wanted us. She was happy though when she realized she had treats to share and that mommy and daddy were not leaving her alone.

 Nothing can beat a cupcake!

Happy Birthday sweet little girl, love you!!!

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