Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 Score and 7 years ago, wait what!!!

So Ashlyn only turned 4 back in August. I wanted to post about her after her party. We had a little get together last weekend. My sister came out from FL for another event so I took advantage of her being her and had the party that weekend. We did a Rapunzel themed party and Ashlyn enjoyed her day. She is already planning for next year. Heaven help us!!! She had a wonderful time and is very loved! Ashlyn is spunky and sassy. She likes to tell people what to do and she has not concept of time. Everything we do in the past is "remember when we did such and such yesterday?"  She hates sleeping alone in her bedroom and since Brian has been working nights she generally is found in our bed with me. She loves sucking her thumb (UGH) and petting her pillow pet at the same time. She goes to preschool 3 days a week and I have a hard time thinking she will start kindergarten next year! How is that possible!!!! She is very independent and I have power struggles with her each day for preschool when I don't allow her to dress herself. I want her looking cute at least three days a week!!! In September she started taking tumbling classes from a lady in our ward. She LOVES to go and if I tell her it's Tuesday that's all she asks about. I am glad she is able to do this extra activity just for her! Brian and I both totally spoil her!!! Poor brothers! Ashlyn is so imaginative lately as well. She loves animals, her favorites are dogs and horses. Today at dinner she said she was allergic to bees. Well she has never been stung and neither have I. My sister is allergic so there is a possibility. She then said she was also allergic to horses. I had to laugh because she has been asking about going horseback riding for the past few weeks. I keep telling her soon around Halloween. They were able to ride on horses at a Pumpkin Patch last year and we plan to go again. So when she stated this I laughed and said well I guess you can't ride them. Then on cure she oh no I am not I love horses. She is so funny. Ashlyn is none stop all day long, but I really do admire her spunk and energy. I know she is a great girl with lots of potential. She loves her buddies at preschool and also at tumbling. A few are even in her Sunbeam class.

Just recently, she was in the Primary Program this year. Her part was "I am a child of God" she memorized it, but generally said it as "I child of God." Sunday came and she pretty much freaked. I walked her up and she wanted no part. I even sat with her, but nope she was too scared. Glad I knew all the songs so I didn't just sit there mute! Hopefully next year will be better for her!

I took some pictures with some of her favorite things and how big she is. She was cracking me up. Of course all the pics I have of her party loaded the wrong way so I will just blog those later. She is one sweet special little girl of ours!!! And of course got to get in that tumbling pic!!!!

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