Friday, July 31, 2009

The Boys

Here are some random recent pictures of the boys. The summer is almost over, and I can't believe Teagan is starting kindergarten this year. We have everything ready for school and he is getting to bed early and on a schedule. Next week I will have him start to wake up at 7 so he is up for school and can begin the day. We have less than 2 weeks. I am an emotional wreck! Rayle will also start preschool, and I hope that he has such a fun time. I know he will learn SO much and we are excited to send him to Dawn's where Teagan went last year. Next week we have meet the teacher. Five years has just flown by way to fast! I hope Teagan enjoys school. I will miss him so much. I hope that the baby comes before he starts school so that Teagan is able to be home and be a big brother during the day. I hope Rayle does not go into complete shock with Teagan gone all day too. All these changes, happening so quickly!
Teagan all smiles.
Rayle smiling his "I don't really want to smile but since you asked I will."
Okay this is something of an everyday occurrence. He is back on a Buzz kick. He watches the movie and acts the parts out. So this is the beginning of Toy Story 2 where Rex is playing the Buzz video game. Rayle gets all his characters out and lines them up to play the parts and so they can watch the movie. It is so funny, until he wants to rewind it a billion times.
We watched the Carver boys and I thought this was too cute to pass up. Teagan was on the computer so Spencer had to sit by him and do his "homework" too. He kept telling me he was doing his homework like his daddy.
Teagan trying to read to Spencer. Spencer was not that into it. But Teagan tried.
Brian flying a kite, or trying. Not too much wind.
Action shot. Rayle jumping into the pool. You count to 3 and he would jump on 2!
Teagan swimming and enjoying the cool down.
Rayle and Daddy enjoying the cool water.
Teagan holding his nose as he jumps in. I think he let go as soon as he hit the water.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 Shots Should Do It

Well 3 shots and 3 IV tries was how my Friday night went. Yep preterm labor, so fun. I started having contractions yesterday late afternoon. I was not too worried since they were not lasting very long, but coming every couple of minutes. I got a hold of my doctor's office and they wanted me to go to the hospital to be checked. Brian and I got there around 7 ish and I was hooked up. Her heart beat was going CRAZY. She was any where from 175 to 200 and the normal range is 110 to 160. They took my temp and it was close to 100. I had no idea since I was feeling fine yesterday. So I was lucky to get three shots of terbutaline. They also gave me an IV and it took three tries to get it in. Let's just say my hands hurt right now. So I guess I picked up something this week and baby girl wanted out of the TOO HOT OVEN. Thankfully I was able to cool down and her racing heart did the same. We came home after 10. Now I hope we have no more scares until I am 36 weeks or further along and she can come any time after that.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Life

Well we have not been up to much. For me just work and school. The heat has been nice. J/K We are dieing here. My sister came over the other day and said it was windy. We have 4 fans in our little hut and yes it is windy but it helps. What I find funny is there are so many people who ask me how much longer I have. Well I tell them and they mention that is so soon. Well not to me. 6 more weeks of this heat I think I will melt!!! I am hoping for her to come early, Brian torments me and says she will be late. I guess we will have to wait and see. I can't believe Teagan is starting school soon. It is killing me. I really am not ready for that. Thankfully I am getting some GOOD Deals for school supplies because of Coupon Sense so that helps. I am looking forward to my LAST week of school until November this week, so that is a highlight. Here are some random pictures of the boys mainly.
Leaving our Pioneer Breakfast
Before we ate some yummy breakfast.
The boys posing, haha on laundry baskets!
I bought these goggles at the end of the season last year and found them the other day. If you look close the sticker is still on the lenses and the strap looks like a bow. Too funny!
Brian thought that it was funny we were all on computers. I was doing my ads for C$ really quickly before work and the boys had to get on their computers as well. Isn't it fun that our children want to be just like us.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th 2009

This past week we have been house sitting for Brian's Aunt and Uncle while they are in Washington State. It has been nice to have a house where there are actual rooms to close doors too. Anyways, the boys have been swimming like crazy and it has been nice to kind of relax. I still had school, and homework this week and I worked 3 days. For the 4th of July we had a BBQ and had the Wahls over and some friends the Yentes that we had not seen in like forever. It was fun to see friends and we enjoyed the company.
Rayle swimming away. At the beginning of the week he would not go in by himself with his floats. He had fallen in my sisters pool in May and he has been freaked out ever since. He did so well!
Teagan enjoyed jumping off the diving board. He also had never done this before and his swimming improved over the week. We are proud of him.
I tried to get some pictures but the sun was just too bright. This is the only one that is kinda okay!
Family picture. Not sure why it was so hazy. Then of course one of the dogs runs by when the timer went off. Oh well.
I LOVE this picture!!! The lighting was great and both had smiles. This is one of those pictures that is far and few between.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Family Fun

Last weekend we celebrated our niece Callie's 4th birthday at the Children's Museum in Phoenix. We had never been and the boys enjoyed the party and the museum. Here are a few snaps of the day.
Okay this is not at the museum but it is so funny! Again another shot not at the museum, but where does this kid get his style?? He is so funny!!
Rayle scooting around the museum.
Brian and Teagan on what Teagan called the "mall cop".
Teagan shopping in the grocery store. Do you have your coupons??
Look at that face. He better not want to race cars when he is older!
Teagan enjoying the sprinkles and frosting of the cupcake he decorated. He literally just ate the frosting and sprinkles. Mom happily finished it though!
Here is Teagan frosting the cupcake. Now for those that are not family members, notice the tongue. We all stick out our tongues when we are concentrating and working hard. It is funny that the trait is now passed along to my children.
I love this picture. Brian snapped it while holding Rayle in his lap. Too cute.
Mommy helping Rayle decorate his bag that he got to take home.