Sunday, October 12, 2014

That can't be right!

So when we had Ashlyn five years ago I knew I wanted more kids. It was just a matter of timing. When we got pregnant with Ashlyn, Brian was working but we knew a furlough was coming. We didn't know how long he would be out of work, but we had faith that adding a child was the right move. In hind sight it might not have been the best but we survived and made it. He was furloughed for 18 months all together. A few years ago I knew there was no way to add another child into our already very crowded house so I decided to get an IUD. Moving into another home never seemed possible. We were so stuck and living it felt in limbo. We weren't miserable but not completely happy! Last year we had some family issues and it kind of forced our hand to either stay where we were or to make the leap and hope we would be okay. We decided to move and found a larger house. Now like I said I have wanted more kids so a bigger house means more room for another addition. We still waited though to make sure it was the right move. We moved in May 2013 and in October we decided to start trying and I had my IUD removed. Now the reason for my post and excuse all the rambling :) when I got to my OBGYN I stepped on to the scale and about DIED!!! It read 175 ONE SEVENTY-FIVE!!! I wanted to cry! That is what I have weighed when I was at the end of my pregnancies with all my kids give or take a pound. How the crud was I so heavy. When I questioned the nurse about this being a side affect of the IUD, she said oh no your hormone levels are probably just off. Well those were checked and came back fine. So I am hoping it was a side affect. So I had the removal and I don't own a scale so I am not sure how much I weighed before getting pregnant in January. I don't get too sick but I did go through times food was not appealing at all and ate very little. When I got back on a scale at my first OB check up, I was down about twenty pounds. That was a relief because if I had not lost any weight I don't think my body could handle a weight near 195.  I think I have a body weight cap. Like I mentioned with my other pregnancies I was at or around 175 at labor. Well I am at 38 weeks 4 days and weighing 170. Last week I was 172 but I was weighed on a different scale so maybe my most recent number is off. But anyways I am almost done and the scale is around my weight with the other kiddos. Now I know why all my pants still fit because I was prego fat to start out with. Sad and makes me want to finally do something about my body after baby is here. So here is hoping he comes soon, and the start to getting rid of these extra pounds.  

Due date was changed from 10/19 to 10/23. Man if it was still the 19th I would be 39 weeks today. Wonder when he will make his arrival?!?! That's one of the hardest things to wait on. When will baby be good and labor start. But I am almost done!!!