Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

I meant to update about Christmas before the New Year came into play, but I can’t go back in time now. Having spilt families always makes for TONS of different celebrations for the holidays. Both Brian and I have parents and step parents and we have to try and fit everything in. Thankfully we have always dedicated Christmas Eve to Brian’s dad side of the family. This year we hostessed the event and had some fun. We had a wonderfully moist turkey, twice baked potatoes, green beans, salad, veggies, and of course rolls. I just LOVE bread and I always have. I could eat a dozen rolls myself in one sitting. After dinner Betty and Shane played some music for us. Ashlyn was really interested in this as she kept trying to steal the sheet music and strum Betty's ukulele. Later we had some pies which actually I am not a pie person and I totally spaced any dessert for me. Oh well I guess less calories. Of course we did some karaoke. Brian’s cousins LOVE to sing when they come over and it was a TON of fun. It was a nice family night and we enjoyed it all!

Ashlyn thinking about trying to steal that sheet music.

Shane and Betty playing.
A pic of Brian's uncle, grandma, and dad.