Friday, August 31, 2012

DownEast Basics

Getting out and shopping for myself and ALONE never happens. 
Well the planets were align on Tuesday night as I was able not only to go shopping for myself alone, but with a girl friend!!! WOW that never happens!!! A friend invited me to a 'Girls Night Out' to a fab store, DownEast Basics. I love this store, but the location near me seems too small with not a large selection. I like variety so I was excited to go to the location at Chandler Fashion Center. The store has moved to a new area as before it was downstairs. Now it is near Nordstorm's sandwiched in between the Van's Store and Express on the second level. We parked at Nordstorm's and it was very quick walk to the store. When we first arrived there was a LOT of red...30% off the already clearance items. 
I am always darn into a sale and clearance is where I always look first! I pretty much knew what I wanted before I got to the store. I wanted some more fitted tees. With the clothes now available to woman I have a problem with finding items that fit who I am. There is the junior section, and the ladies section. But I feel I am too old for junior and too young for ladies. Where do I fit, also I am short so I have to factor that in as well. Blouses and shirts are often low cut and revealing. Well I like to keep people guessing and leave something to the imagination!!! Can't be showing off all my goods! So a Wonder Tee is what I found to help me out. I can wear it under my already fab clothes and real a little more covered up. Also they are great for the "layering" look! I totally went a 180 and got an olive green Wonder Tee with a simple white. Let's spice it up, I am in my 30's! Also and I had NO IDEA that DownEast Basics sold clothing for girls!?!?! Ashlyn didn't go with me, and honestly right when I saw the girl line I almost bought items just for her. I stopped myself, actually someone held me back, and I shopped for me first. But I did have a little extra left over and I found the CUTEST top for her. Can't wait for the weather to take a turn for cooler months so she can wear it. All in all I had a FABULOUS time shopping and checking out the new location. It was wonderful to see ladies shopping in a store where we know that we will be looking and feeling good, but also covered up and rocking it. Check out DownEast Basics today, the additional 30% those clearance prices ends today 8/31! Now I went simple on Tuesday, but man I have my eyes on some way cute tops, and all the skirts were to DIE for. Can't wait to go back!!!

DownEast Basics locations at Chandler Fashion Center second level between Van's and Express. Located near Nordstorm.
Lots of great deals! Additional 30% off clearance ENDS today!!!
My Wonder Tees olive and white!
The shirt I picked up for Ashlyn. Love the color!
The detail is so precious. I can't wait to get this on her!

*Sorry about the grainy photos should have taken my actual camera!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to conquer the 3's

I can't believe Ashlyn is three today. Where did the time go? Sometimes I think of her as a LOT older than she is and then other times I think, THERE IS NO STINKEN WAY SHE IS THREE ALREADY!!! She started preschool this year and has started to talk more and more each and every day. Like yesterday she found a Lego magazine and in it is a LegoLand ad. She repeated at least 100's (no joke) that she wanted to go there on the dragon ride. She did not understand the distance of LegoLand and that we could just not get up and leave to go. I returned the magazine back to the boys room so I won't have to hear about the dragon ride as often, but she still has brought it up today a bit. Also now if she would only show some interest in potty training!!! Ashlyn is FULL of energy like I mean a TON any time we go out I hear comments like man I wish I had that much energy. I always reply no you don't because SHE NEVER STOPS!!! Naps are pretty much out of the equation now, but I make her go to her room for a few hours after lunch. However I am still grateful for this time because I recall Teagan and Rayle stopped taking naps well before their second birthdays. As I am trying to plan for a party for this girl I am so torn. She loves so many different things, but nothing really stands out as her all time fav. She loves her brothers, and when I asked her last night if she would ever want a little sister, she said no. When I asked her why she said because then I would have to share my toys! Seriously funny! Today she said she would not mind a brother, because she would still have all the toys to herself! Ashlyn makes life interesting that is for sure! LOVE THAT GIRL!!!
 She was the sweetest baby! I loved how she started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. I did nothing to make this happen it was just what she needed, and I guess what I needed too!
 The binky lasted until she was 6 months and then she found her thumb, still need to stop that habit!!! Like her mom (I was at least 6 before I stopped maybe older, ekk!!!)

 Love that CHEESY grin gosh and her hair. I love that she has lots of hair. Me at this age not so much! I was almost bald until I was three!
She has a temper!
 She has found her Prince Charming!

 She loves having to sit still in a stroller, oh who am I kidding. She will try to squirm out of anything!!!
 She knows style!
 Love her excitement!
 She is already talking about the holidays and asks where is Santa. It's fun when they start to remember from previous years!
 She will not keep a thing in her hair. Bows are out of the question still.
 She enjoys make-up almost a little too much because she has helped herself lately on applying it alone.
 She does not like to have water in her face. Bath time and well getting knocked over by waves in the ocean are not on her top 10 list.
 She is stubborn and knows when she is not allowed to do something like climb those tiny little steps on the right. But gosh they were perfect Ashlyn size. Darn Disney and their distraction in long ride lines!
 She could care less if she gets her clothes dirty or wet, no prim and proper little girl here.
 She loves her dolphin aka Shamau 
 Falling and face planting in sand is not on her top 10 list either!

 That girl can work an iPad, or a phone. Well she would probably be able to connect on a computer too. Pretty scary how fast she has picked it up. Oh and I guess it's not iPad it's myPad!
She likes to eat, everything for the most part!
 She loves dress up whether it be superheroes or princesses she all about it!

And she LOVES her teacher Mrs. Spier. She even calls a woman in our ward Mrs. Spier. It is very cute  how she will talk about her friend Mrs. Spier!

Ashlyn you are growing so fast, I don't want to miss one part. But please help by slowing down a little. The next thing I know it will be August 29th 2013 and you will be 4!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ashlyn Anecdotes

Just some funny things that she is saying lately:

Mom: Ashlyn what shape is that orange one?

Ashlyn: Ah cheese

(It was a square apparently cheese is the shape of a square!)

Today she must have learned about the day of the week and since it was Tuesday she knew that today was Tuesday. I asked her what tomorrow is.

Mom: Ashlyn what is tomorrow?

Ashlyn: Saturday

Mom: No it's Wednesday and your birthday!

She then proceeds to tell me it's Halloween and she is spooky and will get candy in a pumpkin. Someone is excited about Halloween. Not so much her actual birthday, TOMORROW. I guess when I actually have her party later in September she will understand a little more. Tomorrow we will make some cupcakes for her preschool class for Thursday. She is excited about the sprinkles!!!

Also she is the WORST backseat driver, already. She is constantly telling us how and where to drive!!! I honestly don't know where she gets it, I NEVER criticize Brian's driving...okay yes she gets it from me!

This is Ashlyn at the Pack Meeting last week. Silly girl!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

We've got ourselves a bobcat!!!

So we have been Scouting for a few months. I would like Teagan to work on his requirements a little more than he has, but he is an eight year old boy so I guess he is doing GREAT. On Monday we got an e-mail about the upcoming Pack Meeting, and I knew that a few boys were to get their Bobcat <---Those boys also just turned 8! So we needed to step on it as Teagan was 8 in May! He had eight items to accomplish to achieve his Bobcat, and he had already done three of them so only five left, should be a piece of cake. Except school started, and they don't get home until around 5pm. Plus homework and reading, and we need to feed them before bed. Oh and SHOWERS are a must!!! So Monday went as did Tuesday and nothing was done. Wednesday happened to be a half day! 
Teagan and I worked on the achievement and finished up. I was not sure he would be able to earn it as it was the day before Pack Meeting, so I e-mailed real quick and let his leaders know. Well Brother Jones had not left to go to the Scout shop so Teagan would earn his Bobcat on Thursday! YEAH!!! So excited for him.
 Brother Jones used some watercolors to go over items they had learned as they finished their Bobcat, I know the red represented LOVE. Can't remember the blue and yellow. Teagan really thought it was cool and kept it on today and went to school like that. After the awards, there was a little fun, a water bottle rocket launcher!!! The kids LOVED it and Brian is trying to figure out how to make his own! Ashlyn was even able to shoot one off. The only causality, Rayle got hit in the head by a falling bottle. Poor kid, but he toughed through it! Lots of fun and I can't wait for Teagan to accomplish more. He has so many achievements that just need like one more item. Next Pack Meeting should be just as fun!!!

 Brother Jones talking to the boys about their Bobcat.

 Teagan getting painted!

 All smiles, some of the boys did NOT want paint on their faces, Teagan didn't mind!!!

 Parents got to go up, but I wanted to make sure we got pictures so Brian went up alone!
 So proud of you Teagan!!!

 Fuzzy as the kids were super excited and moving all around!
 Getting bottle ready!
 Rockets ready?

 See the water stream, some of the bottle really got up there!

 Teagan Ready!!! You can see it about to lift, all the bubbles in the bottle.
 Rayle lifting his up.
Ashlyn's turn! One of the boys stepped up so she is not in focus. All the kids really enjoyed it. I thought about painting our bottle but ran out of time. It would be cool to see all the different rockets that each boy made.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let the Crazies Out

It's Spirit Week in these parts, and my most favorite of days: CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! The day where your hair can wear a costume! This year we went with SPIDERS as our theme. The boys made a lovely den for any spider that happened along. I made sure that they had a black shirt on to help carry out the darkness of spiders. There is even a spider emerging from the shadows ready for any insect flying by!!! Watch Out!

 The boys front view.
 The boys back view.
 Rayle's front view.
 Rayle's back view.
 Teagan's front view. He is making spider arms but he didn't know I had zoomed in.
 Teagan's back view.
 Waiting at the bus with all the other kids thinking, man their mom is NUTS!!!
 Ashlyn wanted spiders too! So we went a little lower key as she had preschool today.
 Here is the back.
 I only had four spiders, if I had more it would have been better.
Here is another angle. She came home with two missing spiders. Glad they are not made of gold! Once it gets closer to Halloween, I think I could have a LOT of fun with ideas like this with her hair!!!