Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Primary Love

I wish I could be a primary kid again, and to be more specific I wish I was in CTR 5, Rayle's class. He has the BEST teacher, EVER!!! Every week they get amazing hand outs and such. He sometimes has Reverent Glasses when they need to be extra Reverent! Last week on Tuesday evening the day before school started our door bell rang, and it was Brother Burnett, Rayle's teacher. He brought Rayle a little treat to help him be successful in his first week back at school. How sweet is that!?!?! Teagan was a little jealous, and so was I!!! Rayle still hates going to church, (it's too long!) but it is helping with his teacher being so great. I hope by the end of the year, he will be loving Primary again, and then he will be in CTR 6 with a new teacher most likely. DRATS!!! 
(And like they always say there is a great woman behind every great man, so true Sis Burnett is a SWEETHEART!!!)

 A bottle of 7 Up with 7 ways to start off your 1st week of school.
 A sharpened pencil.
And some smarties, so simple, but just what any 5/6 year old would love!!!

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Heidi said...

Gosh, you are so good at blogging! I need to be more like you! Emmi has a primary teacher like that too. They really do make such a difference! Don't you wish they didn't have to switch teachers at the new year??