Friday, August 3, 2012

It's a 10!

Today we went to a Ward Swim party with a our good friends. Brian has yet to see the kids swim in real action. He was pretty much amazed at Ashlyn and how well she is doing. Also we have had an over two weeks off of no swimming because of Teagan's concussion!!! Ashlyn might be the next olympic champion, in oh about 12 years!!! The pool we went to had a water slide and I really thought the boys would not be tall enough to try it out. The height restriction was 42 inches, so both boys were tall enough for the slide. Teagan was more interested in the slide first. When he went up the stairs, he freaked and came back down. But he really wanted to conquer that slide, so he tried again. The slide was great, it was getting into the pool and swimming that was the hard part for him. The current from the slide would not allow him to swim very well. He did manage to struggle to the wall and climb out. The next few times he did the same thing, and after that we had him swim horizontal to the slide and out to us. Kind of like a riptide affect! Rayle really did not want to try the slide, but finally after hearing how great it was, he gave it a go. Like Teagan he climbed the stairs, and then climbed back down again. He did try it and enjoyed it, same trouble with the current though. Darn light weights!!! Rayle was able to go down the slide twice before we left and Teagan probably about ten times. Ashlyn had fun jumping into the pool and swimming to us. It was a nice evening all around!!!

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