Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ashlyn Anecdotes

Just some funny things that she is saying lately:

Mom: Ashlyn what shape is that orange one?

Ashlyn: Ah cheese

(It was a square apparently cheese is the shape of a square!)

Today she must have learned about the day of the week and since it was Tuesday she knew that today was Tuesday. I asked her what tomorrow is.

Mom: Ashlyn what is tomorrow?

Ashlyn: Saturday

Mom: No it's Wednesday and your birthday!

She then proceeds to tell me it's Halloween and she is spooky and will get candy in a pumpkin. Someone is excited about Halloween. Not so much her actual birthday, TOMORROW. I guess when I actually have her party later in September she will understand a little more. Tomorrow we will make some cupcakes for her preschool class for Thursday. She is excited about the sprinkles!!!

Also she is the WORST backseat driver, already. She is constantly telling us how and where to drive!!! I honestly don't know where she gets it, I NEVER criticize Brian's driving...okay yes she gets it from me!

This is Ashlyn at the Pack Meeting last week. Silly girl!!!

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