Friday, August 24, 2012

We've got ourselves a bobcat!!!

So we have been Scouting for a few months. I would like Teagan to work on his requirements a little more than he has, but he is an eight year old boy so I guess he is doing GREAT. On Monday we got an e-mail about the upcoming Pack Meeting, and I knew that a few boys were to get their Bobcat <---Those boys also just turned 8! So we needed to step on it as Teagan was 8 in May! He had eight items to accomplish to achieve his Bobcat, and he had already done three of them so only five left, should be a piece of cake. Except school started, and they don't get home until around 5pm. Plus homework and reading, and we need to feed them before bed. Oh and SHOWERS are a must!!! So Monday went as did Tuesday and nothing was done. Wednesday happened to be a half day! 
Teagan and I worked on the achievement and finished up. I was not sure he would be able to earn it as it was the day before Pack Meeting, so I e-mailed real quick and let his leaders know. Well Brother Jones had not left to go to the Scout shop so Teagan would earn his Bobcat on Thursday! YEAH!!! So excited for him.
 Brother Jones used some watercolors to go over items they had learned as they finished their Bobcat, I know the red represented LOVE. Can't remember the blue and yellow. Teagan really thought it was cool and kept it on today and went to school like that. After the awards, there was a little fun, a water bottle rocket launcher!!! The kids LOVED it and Brian is trying to figure out how to make his own! Ashlyn was even able to shoot one off. The only causality, Rayle got hit in the head by a falling bottle. Poor kid, but he toughed through it! Lots of fun and I can't wait for Teagan to accomplish more. He has so many achievements that just need like one more item. Next Pack Meeting should be just as fun!!!

 Brother Jones talking to the boys about their Bobcat.

 Teagan getting painted!

 All smiles, some of the boys did NOT want paint on their faces, Teagan didn't mind!!!

 Parents got to go up, but I wanted to make sure we got pictures so Brian went up alone!
 So proud of you Teagan!!!

 Fuzzy as the kids were super excited and moving all around!
 Getting bottle ready!
 Rockets ready?

 See the water stream, some of the bottle really got up there!

 Teagan Ready!!! You can see it about to lift, all the bubbles in the bottle.
 Rayle lifting his up.
Ashlyn's turn! One of the boys stepped up so she is not in focus. All the kids really enjoyed it. I thought about painting our bottle but ran out of time. It would be cool to see all the different rockets that each boy made.

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