Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going Going GONE

Rayle has been waiting ever since Teagan lost his first tooth over two years ago for his turn to loose one. Well last week we noticed that he FINALLY had one that looked about ready to fall out. We wiggled and wobbled that tooth but nothing. So we played the waiting game. On Sunday while at church Rayle decided to have a little snack and chew on his pants and pop, out came the tooth! Seriously who chews on their pants and looses a tooth?!?!?! Anyways he was pretty excited about that tooth coming out. I can't believe my second child is now loosing teeth, really makes me feel OLD! 

 Still have all my teeth!
 Both those bottom middle teeth look ready to come out, but it's the one on the left that did come out on Sunday.
 So happy to have a hole in his mouth!
All of Teagan's permanent teeth had already started to push up and they knocked the baby teeth out of the way. Rayle's tooth came out with out any shoves from a permeant tooth.

Tooth lost on Sunday July 29, 2012

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