Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let the Crazies Out

It's Spirit Week in these parts, and my most favorite of days: CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! The day where your hair can wear a costume! This year we went with SPIDERS as our theme. The boys made a lovely den for any spider that happened along. I made sure that they had a black shirt on to help carry out the darkness of spiders. There is even a spider emerging from the shadows ready for any insect flying by!!! Watch Out!

 The boys front view.
 The boys back view.
 Rayle's front view.
 Rayle's back view.
 Teagan's front view. He is making spider arms but he didn't know I had zoomed in.
 Teagan's back view.
 Waiting at the bus with all the other kids thinking, man their mom is NUTS!!!
 Ashlyn wanted spiders too! So we went a little lower key as she had preschool today.
 Here is the back.
 I only had four spiders, if I had more it would have been better.
Here is another angle. She came home with two missing spiders. Glad they are not made of gold! Once it gets closer to Halloween, I think I could have a LOT of fun with ideas like this with her hair!!!

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