Friday, August 31, 2012

DownEast Basics

Getting out and shopping for myself and ALONE never happens. 
Well the planets were align on Tuesday night as I was able not only to go shopping for myself alone, but with a girl friend!!! WOW that never happens!!! A friend invited me to a 'Girls Night Out' to a fab store, DownEast Basics. I love this store, but the location near me seems too small with not a large selection. I like variety so I was excited to go to the location at Chandler Fashion Center. The store has moved to a new area as before it was downstairs. Now it is near Nordstorm's sandwiched in between the Van's Store and Express on the second level. We parked at Nordstorm's and it was very quick walk to the store. When we first arrived there was a LOT of red...30% off the already clearance items. 
I am always darn into a sale and clearance is where I always look first! I pretty much knew what I wanted before I got to the store. I wanted some more fitted tees. With the clothes now available to woman I have a problem with finding items that fit who I am. There is the junior section, and the ladies section. But I feel I am too old for junior and too young for ladies. Where do I fit, also I am short so I have to factor that in as well. Blouses and shirts are often low cut and revealing. Well I like to keep people guessing and leave something to the imagination!!! Can't be showing off all my goods! So a Wonder Tee is what I found to help me out. I can wear it under my already fab clothes and real a little more covered up. Also they are great for the "layering" look! I totally went a 180 and got an olive green Wonder Tee with a simple white. Let's spice it up, I am in my 30's! Also and I had NO IDEA that DownEast Basics sold clothing for girls!?!?! Ashlyn didn't go with me, and honestly right when I saw the girl line I almost bought items just for her. I stopped myself, actually someone held me back, and I shopped for me first. But I did have a little extra left over and I found the CUTEST top for her. Can't wait for the weather to take a turn for cooler months so she can wear it. All in all I had a FABULOUS time shopping and checking out the new location. It was wonderful to see ladies shopping in a store where we know that we will be looking and feeling good, but also covered up and rocking it. Check out DownEast Basics today, the additional 30% those clearance prices ends today 8/31! Now I went simple on Tuesday, but man I have my eyes on some way cute tops, and all the skirts were to DIE for. Can't wait to go back!!!

DownEast Basics locations at Chandler Fashion Center second level between Van's and Express. Located near Nordstorm.
Lots of great deals! Additional 30% off clearance ENDS today!!!
My Wonder Tees olive and white!
The shirt I picked up for Ashlyn. Love the color!
The detail is so precious. I can't wait to get this on her!

*Sorry about the grainy photos should have taken my actual camera!

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John and Becky Bowler said...

Cute clothes! I love that store. I'm going to add you to my blogroll! I don't think I have anyone from the ward.