Thursday, August 9, 2012


 I can't believe Miss Ashlyn is almost 3 and starting preschool. In TWO years she will be off to kindergarten!!! WHAT?!? How crazy time flies. Ashlyn was super excited to go to preschool today, and it was cute to see her and watch how comfortable she was. Right when we walked into the house, she was like "Hello guys, I am here" like they could not start until madame Ashlyn had arrived. It was pretty funny! She had no problem going in and getting into her backpack to show her sharing time item. Also no worries with mommy and daddy leaving. I can't believe she is growing up so quickly! I can't wait to see all that she learns, and HOPEFULLY will want to start potty training soon, as almost all of her 10 classmates are. We will wait and see about that one!

Ashlyn turn at the chalkboard, she was glad I didn't leave her out today. Also how stinken cute is her outfit! Costco $8!

 This girl was DETERMINED to get to school! I was not able to get a front view because she was in a hurry!!!

 Ashlyn and Mrs. Spier! Love Dawn!!!
After preschool was over! I love how she is looking for us!
All smiles, she seemed to have a good day. LOOK at all the boys, she will have no problems keeping them all in check! 
Ashlyn is super excited to go back to preschool next week!!!

The boys rode the bus to school this morning and just a bit about it. We got there WAY early like almost 20 minutes early, but I guess better early than late and miss the bus. Rayle told me I better not come to school and take MORE pictures, what a booger! I hope they were good on the bus, they don't get home until 4:51 so not sure if they were yet. They are gone a LONG time, but it will save money on gas. I just hope they do their homework at school before getting on the bus like I want them too. We will see how it goes.

Rayle before the bus came!

Teagan before the bus came.

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