Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Week

This week will start us off into the real swing of things, a full week of school! There will be tears, tantrums, homework, and more I am sure. Not really liking the whole late bus, boys don't get home until 4:50!!! Will have to see how it goes with homework and such. I want them to do it at school, but I know that with them being six and eight that might not be reasonable. But the parent pick up is a NIGHTMARE so really hard for me to go pick them up. Excited for Ashlyn to attend preschool two days a week. She really enjoyed her first day, so I hope it goes just as smoothly the rest of the year. Also need to start thinking about a birthday theme for Ashlyn, as she will be three at the end of the month, SERIOUSLY WHERE DID THE TIME GO ON THAT ONE!!! I just had the girl! I think I might postpone her birthday celebration a month though as it's just too darn HOT!!! The wheels are turning, would LOVE birthday theme ideas!!!

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