Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready to leave all this?

So in September of 2004 we signed on a chance at a new chapter in our lives. We had made the decision to move out to a small tiny dinky town of Coolidge, AZ. We were excited since the house would be almost twice the size of our first home. The drive we convinced ourselves was not that far. Besides Brian was working at the Fry's in Johnson Ranch. Teagan was 5 months old and needed growing room and hopefully we would add to our family. We came out practically every weekend to check up on our home. I know we were nuts, but gas was not almost $3 a gallon and we had not upgraded to a gas hog yet. So here is what Heartland Ranch looked like when we came around!

We signed in September of 2005 and Mertiage did not start our home until Dec 31st!

OOOHHHAAAAHHH look some sticks!

AH Teagan was so little!

They poured concrete and it sat, and sat, and sat some more!

Finally they started framing, make sure you leave some holes we enjoy our mice friends!

Great way to hold a house up, by the way if you put a ball on our bathroom

it will roll at a steady pace. I love fast shoty construction don't you?

Here it is all framed, notice we have no neighbors yet.

Okay it is moving along. This must be where the mice holes occur.

Okay the outside looks good, what's going on inside?


Here it is with the fence up and the outside painted, almost ready to take us in for 3 1/2 years. After we moved in on April 21, 2005 we did a lot very quickly. Our first house we did not enjoy but we just lived in it. So we painted the walls and put in a backyard. It was fun doing it, but if I had, had the chance to see what 3 years would have been like, I would have run the other way! So am I ready to leave all of this?
YOU BET!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Our home has been invaded by the dark side. Won't anybody save us?

Good thing that Buzz is here in Coolidge to save the universe.

The battle begins. Who will win?

It looks likes Buzz is no match for Darth Vader and his Light Saver.

Oh Darth Vader, don't you know good always triumphs evil!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Teagan's First Primary Program

Yesterday Sunday October 19, 2008 was Teagan's first Primary Program. He sure was an entertainment for everyone except his mother. I had to sit with him since I am in the Primary Presidency and I was unable to watch him. During his part from my point of view I thought he had gotten nervous. He has known his part for almost a month. So when he got up there, there was a long pause. Then all of a sudden he says "Hello!" really loud. I guess Sis. Skousen was trying to help him and he said, no I can do it myself. Then he said his part, "I will take care of my body and keep to clean because it is a temple." I was cracking up when he yelled out hello. He kept taking off though and leaving the stage. One time he ran. I had turned and then turned back and he was gone. He told me when he came back be had turned into Accelerate and gone to see what Missy was doing at the back of the chapel. It was fun to be up there with Teagan but I thin k he would have done better if I had not been up there. I wish I could have seen him do his part. Also two of the little girls, Kennedy and Kynlee kept playing with his hair. They loved how it was sticking up and hard from hair spray. I had to get them to stop. Also something too funny, since he is so small when he stood to sing they could could not see him so I had to have him sit in my lap. When will this boy ever get bigger! Of course we could not take pictures but I took a few before church at home and my sister took some of Brian, Teagan, and Rayle outside the church. I was of course setting up chairs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

FFF: When We Became 4

I can't believe that I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. Time sure does fly! Here are some pictures after Rayle was born. I do not even want to think about how another two years will just fly by.
Apparently Teagan has had a hard day of watching after his new baby brother.
Here they are both tired out. Great picture of me too, huh!
Teagan loves his new brother, but Rayle seems not to share in that love!
So cute!
A great family picture by Jennifer Larsen! Thanks taking this photo, I love it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Keep up the beautiful Work Allison!!!

I love the Layout and yes my screen is 17 but I will do the photo bucket thing later to make it fit. Looks great on the computer upstairs. If you need layouts check out Allie Browns. I have a link from my blog.

Friday, October 10, 2008

FFF Phoenix Zoo 2005

Okay sorry for the poor quality of these pictures. It was our first digital camera. This was a trip to the zoo in the winter of 2005 or maybe early 2006, but I think it was in November 2005. We went as a play group and all had fun. I have not been to a zoo in some time, I love going and so do the boys. Maybe when we move closer to the Phoenix one we will go more often. Here is to wishing!
Teagan has a map, okay do you notice a trend? Scroll down to our SeaWorld trip, he has the map there too. When I think about it he has always wanted to carry the map around if we get them. I guess he does not trust us to take him in the right direction!
Here is Teagan driving the tractor. I am sure I have some pictures of me
driving this same tractor. I love it!
I love this picture. Here is Courtney and Teagan on the swing. Giddee Up!

Friday, October 3, 2008

FFF: I guess it is time to clean

It must be bad when your two year old wants to clean the floors. Rayle got the vacuum out and told me, "Mommy I clean" so hey I let him. If he wants the job he can have it. I HATE TO CLEAN!!!! Thanks Rayle you can clean any time, but if you think about it, he is the one making most of the messes. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow that's old!

So the other day we were talking during dinner and and the subject of getting older came up. Somehow we were talking about Brian and that he is 28 years old; Teagan said, "Wow that's old mommy, it will take forever to get that old". Brian and I were cracking up. I sure hope it takes forever for my sweet little boy to get to the age of 28!