Monday, October 13, 2008

Keep up the beautiful Work Allison!!!

I love the Layout and yes my screen is 17 but I will do the photo bucket thing later to make it fit. Looks great on the computer upstairs. If you need layouts check out Allie Browns. I have a link from my blog.


Allison Evans Brown said...

Aww! Thanks Corie! I appreciate it.

Allison Evans Brown said...

I heard that you are selling your house! Whaaah? Where are you going to move to? I know, I know! You're going to move to Texas to be with us!

Man I'm smart!

Loren is at the BYU/TCU football game and he ran into the Haynies and Loren asked them how Missy, Darrell, and you guys were and they said your house was for sale.

Good luck! I hope it sells soon!