Wednesday, September 24, 2008

These boots are made for walking...

So we decided to break down and buy some boots for Rayle. He loves wearing other peoples shoes, and when I say other peoples shoes I mean every single person that takes off their shoes he will try them on. At church he is known to take off his shoes once anyone removes theirs and try them on, girl or boy. I think he prefers the girls shoes. We were at a store and happened to pass by some boots, and of course they were pink girl boots. Rayle wanted them right away. So we went to some stores on the search for little boy boots. We found them at Payless. He put them on and loved them. Last night I gave the boys a bath. After he got out of the bath he put them back on. A naked little boy in black cowboy boots is some sight to see. I did not take a picture, but should have. When I put him to bed he wanted to wear them to sleep, no way! I got them off and was surprised to see that he had not put them back on, but was asleep with them. This morning I was getting ready for work and Rayle came out with one boot on the wrong foot and upset because he could not find the other one. It was under the blanket and we made sure the boots were on the correct feet. So Rayle has his own boots and hopefully will keep away from lonely unused shoes that are lying around.
I love my boots!

Where my boot?

Friday, September 19, 2008

FFF I miss those days

I have such sweet, great, and wonderful babies. Rayle was so fun at six months. I guess it was the calm before the storm! J/K He is still a great kid, he just already knows how to push my buttons. I love Rayle in the morning when he first wakes up. He is always so happy. He says the funniest things too. I can't believe how well both of my boys talked at this age. I am glad because if they could not talk I would go crazy trying to understand what they are saying.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend Trip to San Diego

Last weekend we went to San Diego with some friends. It was fun to get out of the heat if only for a few days. On Friday we went to the Beach. Teagan had not been since he was 16 months. Rayle had never been. Teagan had such a blast. He was running in and out of the waves. Rayle was totally freaked out about the waves. He had fun in the sand though. On Saturday we went to Sea World. They had fun in the Elmo Play Place. During the Shamu Show the boys were scared to get wet so they put their ponchos on before it ever started. We visited the bat rays and Teagan had so much fun jumping on the wall and touching them. We stayed there for at least 30 minutes because he did not want to leave. It was fun that he got so excited about it. After Sea World we had dinner in the our friends hotel room. Teagan, Spencer, and Scott crashed. We thought we could go and get some Ice Cream and Rayle would be asleep when we got back. Nope he kept Any company and thankfully she shared some ice cream with him. Rayle will make friends with anyone with food, especially ice cream! We had a great time but had to leave early on Sunday. Can't wait until next time!!!
Teagan and Rayle eating Bagels on the way home. Teagan and his friends the Bat Rays.
Teagan looking at the Bat Rays.
We looked like tourist because Teagan had to check the map to make sure we were going in the right direction.
Rayle feel asleep against the stroller covers.
Another picture of Rayle sleeping. It must be nice being able to sleep any where and in any position.

At the Shamu Show.

I don't want to get wet! At the Shamu Show, Teagan did not want to get wet. The boys sat in the ponchos for like 15 minutes before the show ever started.

Teagan and Rayle running in the tubs.

Let's GO! These girls behind us kept telling the boys to put there arms up. This was before the ride started.I am ready for the ride. What a face! Daddy and Rayle on the Elmo Fish ride.

Mommy and Teagan on the Elmo Fish ride.

Looking at Shamu at the water level. A view from our hotel room.
The boys slept on a pull out couch. Of course I showed them they could crawl into the couch and hide. They had fun. Rayle throwing sand and I snapped a picture, too cute!
Rayle running at the ocean but he would run back towards the beach when the waves came.
Daddy dug a hole and covered Teagan up. He is actually laughing in this picture, but it looks like he is crying.
After being in the sand Teagan ran to the ocean to wash off. He laid down and let the waves wash off the sand.
Rayle saw Teagan in the hole and wanted to try too. He had sand everywhere.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday Favorite Video early

This is a video of a family 4-wheeling trip to Box Canyon in February of 2005. It was funny because my brother got a flat and some "older" guys came to the rescue. Teagan slept the entire time while we were moving. It was too funny. We had such a great time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So some of you know and maybe some of you don't know, I went back to school last January. I quit taking college classes in the spring semester of 2001. I have regretted not finishing so I decided to sign up with University of Phoenix and Axia their community college. I have finished 3 clocks or 6 classes and I am in my 4th block (2 classes for 9 weeks at a time). I will finish in November and then move onto some of my Bachelors Degrees classes on November 3. I do get burnt out but I need to look at the bigger picture. One day I will finish and finally have my degree. I know that my dad will be so proud of me when this is done. One thing about online classes is that you have to write research papers for each final. I HATE to write research papers with a passion. I dropped out of Eng 102 because of this reason at MCC. So I have muddled through six papers and I have managed to continue my high school grades into college some 8 years later. I currently have a 3.67 GPA and I think that is pretty good for a big procrastinator. Yes I wait until the research papers are due to write them and I know about them for 9 weeks. That's me! I have 35 credits and need 27 more. Right now I am taking Algebra (yuck) and Teaching as a Profession AED 201. I was a little upset about the Math part, in high school I took Pre Cal but Gilbert Chandler gave me 5 credits not 6so I needed to make up for that 1 stinken credit. I thought I had been set, but oh well. At least things are coming back as I look at the problems. Anyways I am proud of myself for going back to school and I hope I can finish soon.