Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So some of you know and maybe some of you don't know, I went back to school last January. I quit taking college classes in the spring semester of 2001. I have regretted not finishing so I decided to sign up with University of Phoenix and Axia their community college. I have finished 3 clocks or 6 classes and I am in my 4th block (2 classes for 9 weeks at a time). I will finish in November and then move onto some of my Bachelors Degrees classes on November 3. I do get burnt out but I need to look at the bigger picture. One day I will finish and finally have my degree. I know that my dad will be so proud of me when this is done. One thing about online classes is that you have to write research papers for each final. I HATE to write research papers with a passion. I dropped out of Eng 102 because of this reason at MCC. So I have muddled through six papers and I have managed to continue my high school grades into college some 8 years later. I currently have a 3.67 GPA and I think that is pretty good for a big procrastinator. Yes I wait until the research papers are due to write them and I know about them for 9 weeks. That's me! I have 35 credits and need 27 more. Right now I am taking Algebra (yuck) and Teaching as a Profession AED 201. I was a little upset about the Math part, in high school I took Pre Cal but Gilbert Chandler gave me 5 credits not 6so I needed to make up for that 1 stinken credit. I thought I had been set, but oh well. At least things are coming back as I look at the problems. Anyways I am proud of myself for going back to school and I hope I can finish soon.


The Gibson's said...

Corie, I am so proud of you for doing all that you do. I am very lucky to have you in my life. I know that we can get through these hard times right now. Stay motivated you dont have too much longer to go.
Love You,

Alex and Melissa said...

Aww, how sweet Brian. Corie it is so great you are going back to school. It was tough for me when I was single with no kids. This is going to be hard but soon like everything else it will be just a memory and something that your kids and husband but most importantly you will be so proud of. Keep up the good work.

Diana said...


Hang in there. School is hard by itself, and when you add a family it gets even harder. So, when you get discouraged and you think about how much more you have to do, think of how far you have come instead, and how much less you have to do.