Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Teagan and I were playing Lego Star Wars and Rayle was playing by himself. Then all of a sudden he is asking for some help. Somehow he got stuck between the wall and the sofa. Well I pulled him out and he decided to get back behind the couch. Then he somehow figured out how to get behind the windowsill and between the blinds. Here are so great pictures of him playing peek-a-boo. Too Funny!!

Don't you just love cranky kids!!!

We were out all day so keep that in mind , but Teagan was fine one minute eating a snack and then the next had a crying fit. He didn't want his picture taken so I did anyways. Isn't he cute! Later at Target he continued to have a fit because he wanted a Wii game. People were looking at him and seemed embarrassed. Brian and I just ignored him. I heard one little girl tell her mother how mean I was....Her mother thankfully responded that the little boy did not need to have everything that he wanted and that I was doing the right thing. Teagan we love you, and want you to know that even though you did not get what you wanted you will survive. :0)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Camping near Box Canyon

So we went camping with Chad and Candy last weekend. I think they wanted me to lose it and go crazy since we went near Box Canyon, great for rattlesnakes and jumping cactus. We had almost more dogs with us then people. Can you guess who found the jumping cactus first?

Yep it was Rayle, I think he fell in it after like 5 minutes of being there.

Thankfully we did not find any rattlesnakes. We did see a Gila Monster though driving in. I quickly got out and snapped a picture. I also spotted a snake while driving in too. I think it was a king snake. It was gone in a flash so I could not get a picture.

Teagan and Rayle having fun in the tent.

We did have fun, but all of the dogs and Rayle got cactus
in them so next time we will go where there are pine trees not cactus.

All the dogs that went with us.

Teagan, Candy, and Rayle enjoying a campfire and some dinner.

Gila Monster on the run!