Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Teagan and I were playing Lego Star Wars and Rayle was playing by himself. Then all of a sudden he is asking for some help. Somehow he got stuck between the wall and the sofa. Well I pulled him out and he decided to get back behind the couch. Then he somehow figured out how to get behind the windowsill and between the blinds. Here are so great pictures of him playing peek-a-boo. Too Funny!!


Theresa C said...

I love that your first reaction wasn't "Rayle get out of the blinds!"... it was "wait, let Mommy take your picture". Too cute!

Miss Allie & Co. said...

HOLY COW! You have a blog! I totally didn't know that! Jessica Lamont told me. I'm so excited!

How the HECK are you guys? How is awesome Coolidge? I love your backyard by the way. It's picture perfect. I'll have to use it as a layout when we buy a home here (hopefully that'll be soon--we'll have to see).

How's the ward? Man I miss you guys!

Come check out my blog!

And Rayle, holy Rayle, he's so big! What a cutie too.

Alex and Melissa said...

Okay it is time for an update. I can't get enough of those cute little boys, and of course I love when I get to see you and Brian also.