Sunday, April 29, 2012


The other day I walked into Ashlyn's room and found this set up. Pretty creative way to eat if you ask me!

A lid to a plastic container can always be doubled as a table top!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Off with her....HAIR

I have needed to cut my hair for a LONG time. I am so bad at going and having it cut. Like the last time was last MARCH! So I really was way over due for a cut. Here is my before!
 Front, long and stringy!
Back, YUCK!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"F" for Freaky Hair Day

Teagan is in second grade and they do an ABC Countdown at the end of the year. For each letter of the alphabet they allow something fun or good to eat with that letter. In example "B" was for Blue Shirts and Brownies. So the last 26 days of school are extra special. Today is letter "F" and it was for Freaky Hair day. I had pinned some fun ideas for crazy hair on Pinterest and couldn't wait to use them. I knew I had some hair color, blue and orange. I decided to do a blue hair theme so last night at the dollar store, I found some ocean animals. So we went with an Ocean Theme. I also got some glitter to give it more of a fun look. This morning when I went to spray the hair blue, IT WAS OUT!!! UGH! I was so disappointed, but we had the glitter. So I used that instead and though it's not as BLUE as I wanted, it's still pretty cool. I glued on some sea life and Teagan rocked it!
 Teagan was very happy with the look!
 Side view.
 Back view
 Top of the head
 Another top of the head view.
Other side view.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art Night

Tuesday was Art Night at the boys school. It was set up so nicely with each grade level showing off a piece from a master artist. I love seeing how creative the children can be with in that master's realm. The boys had an enjoyable time and Ashlyn was content riding in her stroller.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Nope not my income but the temps lately! I hate when it gets HOT, and that's inevitable as we live in AZ. The last few days have been over 100 degrees, and that's no fun. It's SUPPOSE to be spring, but that season generally doesn't hang around here to long. On Saturday Ashlyn told me she wanted to go to the beach. Um yeah that's about six or seven hours away honey. So what's the next best thing to a beach? A water-slide!!! So I broke out the old trusty slide and hoped to all heaven that it would work! It's going on five years old and we really need a new one. I prayed it would 1 blow up, and 2 allow water to fall down it. There was a moment of fear when I got it all set up and the blower would not turn on. However I reset it and it started to inflate. THANK GOODNESS because the kids were ready to go! Ashlyn was not too sure about the slide. It took her a few tries to even figure out how to climb up it! When the water was off she had no problem going down but really didn't like the water affect. I think she still had fun though. The boys were jumping off it and loving every second. At one point as I was preparing some lunch I looked out the window to check on them all and saw the slide leaning over to the right, and then PLOP Ashlyn falls on the ground. They were climbing up the slide part and were all on one side so it tipped. Thankfully Ashlyn was right near the ground when she left the slide so no foul. However I didn't want a repeat so they did not climb up anymore on that part. It was a nice Saturday mid-morning activity!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Zoo Trip

Last, last weekend, as in not this last weekend, but the one before that we were able to make it to the zoo as a family with a couple that went to school with Brian. They have three little boys and the two eldest are the same ages respectfully of our boys, just months younger, but enough to make them in the grade below. However, they all got along on this first meeting and it was so much fun to get out with another family and enjoy the zoo. We have wanted to meet up with them since seeing them at Brian's and the couples ten year reunion back in 2008. It has not happened until now. It was lots of fun seeing all the animals and talking about kids and the fun and crazy things that parenthood brings. I am so glad we were able to meet up with them and hope to do more with them soon. 
 Ashlyn posing. I had wanted the boys to come over but it was a struggle.
 First Teagan came and posed.
 Then FINALLY Rayle came over to pose.
 The Flamingos were acting crazy this day. Something was setting them off and they were running and squawking like mad. I have never seen them this active! Oh and the kids were confused because generally Flamingos are pink, but these are more a light pink to white. I was trying to explain they are pink because of what they eat. Maybe there is not enough of that pink turning stuff in their food???
 The Cheetahs were up real close. Love when you don't have to look around for the animals!
 Rayle, Thatcher, Ashlyn, and Teagan. Oh and baby Drew.
 Sawyer, Ashlyn, Rayle, Teagan, Thatcher, and baby Drew.
 Thatcher wanted me to snap a picture of him and baby Drew. When he got to the zoo baby Drew was in a front carrier. It was so cute!
I didn't get an actual picture of their real baby! 
 I promised carousal rides to Ashlyn when we were at the mall one day, so we followed through here at the zoo. Of course the kids decided to spread out so Brian had trouble getting some good pictures.
 Ashlyn LOVED the ride!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Brian and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on March 30th. I am not a jewelry or flower kind of girl. However offer to get me some shoes for an important date, and I am ALL OVER THAT!!! I have been wanting these shoes for some time now. At first I really wanted the neutral ones only, but black is so diverse and goes with about anything. When Brian said I could get both then HECK ya! I ordered them awhile ago on line, but sadly when they got here I needed a half size up. So finally I got these babies, and I can't wait to rock em!

It's a 5" heel by the way, I am almost as tall as Brian with them on!

Friday, April 20, 2012

We Have Been Waiting

2 Years, 7 Months, and 22 Days! She finally said, "I love you!" Seriously adore when they start to say that to you!

Sewing Much

I have been wanting to make something for awhile now, but there has been no drive to do so. I love being able to create something out of just fabric, thread, and an idea! However, I am not very skilled, like sewing in a straight line is not one of my perfected concepts, yet! But I still want to try and learn. So I have pinned oh about 80 different lovelies on my board... I don't have extra cash so some of those ideas will have to wait, but this shirt looked easy enough for me to muster through. I had fabric that I could part with if it was a fail. So this is what I whipped up today! HERE is the tutorial. 

And here is Ashlyn new little shirt! I am pretty happy with the outcome. What do you think???

 Ashlyn's opinion is she let me take these few pictures and then wanted it OFF. However that is how she is. I found here the other day with her Valentine dress I made her, that she wanted nothing to do with, on! One day she will come out of her room wearing this, I just know it!!!
 Yeah that's right I got ATTITUDE!!!
 Oh finally a smile!
And as you can see, I didn't wash and press the fabric before I started, WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cowgirl Up

Over the weekend we did a few different things. One of which we got together with Brian's uncle on his mom's side and with his uncle's finance family. Random but what ever. It was a little stressful because I had never meet the finance and it was at her house, which is an adult home, therefore lots of things that could be destroyed by our DESTRUCTIONATOR!!! So I felt like on pins and needles, even though Debbie assured me everything is fine. I mean how would I have felt like if Ashlyn broke something? I know I am not keen on when my items get broken by myself or my kids. So we only stayed a few hours. Ashlyn as always was very busy. She discovered this Harley cowgirl hat and found it a home on her head. She was very CUTE!!! Before we had even left to go, I had tried a new braid, it has micro braids in the braid. HERE I think her hair is just not long enough yet. Hopefully soon I can make it work better in her hair! I had ended up taking it out before we left for the BQ.

Love her cute little cowgirl look!
It looked really good on her. We asked if we could buy it from Debbie, she said NO!
Close up of the braid!
Back view of my little cutie!
Another view of the braid, too bad it's didn't really work. Hair Grow!!! Except I am planning on having her hair trimmed soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monkey Around

A few weeks ago Ashlyn and I were able to go to the zoo with my friend Kristi and her daughter Kloe. Kloe will be two at the end of May so the girls are about 9 months apart which is wonderful!!! We had a nice time spending the morning at the zoo and enjoying the nice weather and friendship! I love the zoo it's so amazing to see a child light up and enjoy all the fun!

Kloe on the saddle over near the horses and petting zoo.
Ashlyn giddy-up!!!
Ashlyn petting some goats!
I love how brave Kloe was, Ashlyn would not go near the alligator!
Love this so cute!!!
She will ride a Komodo Dragon but not an Alligator!
Wish the light had been better, cute girl!
Look Mom, moo's (anything large like a cow is a moo!)