Thursday, April 26, 2012

"F" for Freaky Hair Day

Teagan is in second grade and they do an ABC Countdown at the end of the year. For each letter of the alphabet they allow something fun or good to eat with that letter. In example "B" was for Blue Shirts and Brownies. So the last 26 days of school are extra special. Today is letter "F" and it was for Freaky Hair day. I had pinned some fun ideas for crazy hair on Pinterest and couldn't wait to use them. I knew I had some hair color, blue and orange. I decided to do a blue hair theme so last night at the dollar store, I found some ocean animals. So we went with an Ocean Theme. I also got some glitter to give it more of a fun look. This morning when I went to spray the hair blue, IT WAS OUT!!! UGH! I was so disappointed, but we had the glitter. So I used that instead and though it's not as BLUE as I wanted, it's still pretty cool. I glued on some sea life and Teagan rocked it!
 Teagan was very happy with the look!
 Side view.
 Back view
 Top of the head
 Another top of the head view.
Other side view.

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