Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Nope not my income but the temps lately! I hate when it gets HOT, and that's inevitable as we live in AZ. The last few days have been over 100 degrees, and that's no fun. It's SUPPOSE to be spring, but that season generally doesn't hang around here to long. On Saturday Ashlyn told me she wanted to go to the beach. Um yeah that's about six or seven hours away honey. So what's the next best thing to a beach? A water-slide!!! So I broke out the old trusty slide and hoped to all heaven that it would work! It's going on five years old and we really need a new one. I prayed it would 1 blow up, and 2 allow water to fall down it. There was a moment of fear when I got it all set up and the blower would not turn on. However I reset it and it started to inflate. THANK GOODNESS because the kids were ready to go! Ashlyn was not too sure about the slide. It took her a few tries to even figure out how to climb up it! When the water was off she had no problem going down but really didn't like the water affect. I think she still had fun though. The boys were jumping off it and loving every second. At one point as I was preparing some lunch I looked out the window to check on them all and saw the slide leaning over to the right, and then PLOP Ashlyn falls on the ground. They were climbing up the slide part and were all on one side so it tipped. Thankfully Ashlyn was right near the ground when she left the slide so no foul. However I didn't want a repeat so they did not climb up anymore on that part. It was a nice Saturday mid-morning activity!

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Anthon and Ashleigh Perkins said...

That looks like a blast for the kids!!