Thursday, April 5, 2012

I wanted to make my cousin's baby a gift who was born in December. My cousin and I are the same age, I just started marriage and kids earlier and so she just had her first baby, Violet. WHAT A CUTIE!!! I knew that they would be in FL for the wedding and so I wanted to take it with me and personally give them the gift. I made a little sweater-a-saurous like I made Ashlyn. I think it turned out great. I love the black thread contrasting with the pink scales. Of course after I was done I think I should have gone a dark pink than the light pink! Oh well, I hope they love it. I can't wait until little Violet is able to wear it. I got a 12 month sweater so she can be romping around like a dinosaur in it! The round part of the hood and when the hood and back of the sweater come together were such a struggle. The original seem there was a lot bigger than the one on Ashlyn's sweater, but I got through it and only had to take out stitches a few times ;)

Also I made the scales all the same size on this sweater which I also LOVED!!!!

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