Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Zoo Trip

Last, last weekend, as in not this last weekend, but the one before that we were able to make it to the zoo as a family with a couple that went to school with Brian. They have three little boys and the two eldest are the same ages respectfully of our boys, just months younger, but enough to make them in the grade below. However, they all got along on this first meeting and it was so much fun to get out with another family and enjoy the zoo. We have wanted to meet up with them since seeing them at Brian's and the couples ten year reunion back in 2008. It has not happened until now. It was lots of fun seeing all the animals and talking about kids and the fun and crazy things that parenthood brings. I am so glad we were able to meet up with them and hope to do more with them soon. 
 Ashlyn posing. I had wanted the boys to come over but it was a struggle.
 First Teagan came and posed.
 Then FINALLY Rayle came over to pose.
 The Flamingos were acting crazy this day. Something was setting them off and they were running and squawking like mad. I have never seen them this active! Oh and the kids were confused because generally Flamingos are pink, but these are more a light pink to white. I was trying to explain they are pink because of what they eat. Maybe there is not enough of that pink turning stuff in their food???
 The Cheetahs were up real close. Love when you don't have to look around for the animals!
 Rayle, Thatcher, Ashlyn, and Teagan. Oh and baby Drew.
 Sawyer, Ashlyn, Rayle, Teagan, Thatcher, and baby Drew.
 Thatcher wanted me to snap a picture of him and baby Drew. When he got to the zoo baby Drew was in a front carrier. It was so cute!
I didn't get an actual picture of their real baby! 
 I promised carousal rides to Ashlyn when we were at the mall one day, so we followed through here at the zoo. Of course the kids decided to spread out so Brian had trouble getting some good pictures.
 Ashlyn LOVED the ride!

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