Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monkey Around

A few weeks ago Ashlyn and I were able to go to the zoo with my friend Kristi and her daughter Kloe. Kloe will be two at the end of May so the girls are about 9 months apart which is wonderful!!! We had a nice time spending the morning at the zoo and enjoying the nice weather and friendship! I love the zoo it's so amazing to see a child light up and enjoy all the fun!

Kloe on the saddle over near the horses and petting zoo.
Ashlyn giddy-up!!!
Ashlyn petting some goats!
I love how brave Kloe was, Ashlyn would not go near the alligator!
Love this so cute!!!
She will ride a Komodo Dragon but not an Alligator!
Wish the light had been better, cute girl!
Look Mom, moo's (anything large like a cow is a moo!)

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