Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Oh I need to post so bad! I just wanted to write up about Christmas and how excited I am this year. With being tight on funds Brian and I were pretty clueless as what to get our kids. Then there is the fact our children already have SO much stuff. What will they remember when they are grown? That awesome Lego set or that Barbie? I know for me personally I do remember a few awesome gifts, but that is not what I think of when my parents come to mind. So instead of a thing, we opted to give The Gift of Time. Each child will get to do something special each month with either Brian or I. So a special one on one date they will get to look forward to. Six dates with Brian and six dates with me for each child.  We came up with most of the ideas, but the kids will get to pick two of their own choices. I am super  excited about this and the kids came and asked me what it was before we got up to open gifts. I think once we start doing this they will start to understand, and really appreciate it. I feel this gift is more on the lines of what Christmas is all about. If it works well I want to do this gift every year. We didn't include Nolan this year as he is one so little, and two he already spends LOTS of one on one time with us haha. To keep track I made up this poster and we will mark the date of the event for each child. Can't wait to begin!!! Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nolan One Month

Nolan at one month weighed 9 pounds 3.5 ounces. He is 22 inches long. Not smiling yet. Sleep about 5+ hours at night!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

That can't be right!

So when we had Ashlyn five years ago I knew I wanted more kids. It was just a matter of timing. When we got pregnant with Ashlyn, Brian was working but we knew a furlough was coming. We didn't know how long he would be out of work, but we had faith that adding a child was the right move. In hind sight it might not have been the best but we survived and made it. He was furloughed for 18 months all together. A few years ago I knew there was no way to add another child into our already very crowded house so I decided to get an IUD. Moving into another home never seemed possible. We were so stuck and living it felt in limbo. We weren't miserable but not completely happy! Last year we had some family issues and it kind of forced our hand to either stay where we were or to make the leap and hope we would be okay. We decided to move and found a larger house. Now like I said I have wanted more kids so a bigger house means more room for another addition. We still waited though to make sure it was the right move. We moved in May 2013 and in October we decided to start trying and I had my IUD removed. Now the reason for my post and excuse all the rambling :) when I got to my OBGYN I stepped on to the scale and about DIED!!! It read 175 ONE SEVENTY-FIVE!!! I wanted to cry! That is what I have weighed when I was at the end of my pregnancies with all my kids give or take a pound. How the crud was I so heavy. When I questioned the nurse about this being a side affect of the IUD, she said oh no your hormone levels are probably just off. Well those were checked and came back fine. So I am hoping it was a side affect. So I had the removal and I don't own a scale so I am not sure how much I weighed before getting pregnant in January. I don't get too sick but I did go through times food was not appealing at all and ate very little. When I got back on a scale at my first OB check up, I was down about twenty pounds. That was a relief because if I had not lost any weight I don't think my body could handle a weight near 195.  I think I have a body weight cap. Like I mentioned with my other pregnancies I was at or around 175 at labor. Well I am at 38 weeks 4 days and weighing 170. Last week I was 172 but I was weighed on a different scale so maybe my most recent number is off. But anyways I am almost done and the scale is around my weight with the other kiddos. Now I know why all my pants still fit because I was prego fat to start out with. Sad and makes me want to finally do something about my body after baby is here. So here is hoping he comes soon, and the start to getting rid of these extra pounds.  

Due date was changed from 10/19 to 10/23. Man if it was still the 19th I would be 39 weeks today. Wonder when he will make his arrival?!?! That's one of the hardest things to wait on. When will baby be good and labor start. But I am almost done!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

I feel like I am building something over here! Party planning, I seriously LOVE it, but I may or may not get way over my head! I am slowly knocking off projects for the #extremefrozen party. I have been using that hashtag on Instagram so I can look at what I have done. Today I made up some hair accessories, but now I can't find my clips that I know I had. UGH I am hoping to run into Sally's up the road and see if they have a box of clips. Then I drew up an Elsa dress and planned to transfer it to a blank canvas. Well my transfer paper is for darker colors and the canvas is white. So it didn't work. I painted the canvas silver but it's still REALLY light colored so I will add another coat of paint and then try the transfer again. Next week I need to buy all the stuff to continue decorations. Hopefully I can decorate Friday night, so party day will be stress free and I can focus on some food prep. Oh and I am kicking myself that I didn't order more beads. The necklaces I made are beyond cute and I would have loved to make more and sell them for profit. UGH hopefully I can get some soon! I still have lots to do, but I also need to remember I am 34 weeks pregnant and need to not over do it as well. Oh it's a fine line!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

So I meant to blog this but life happened. We started our second full week of school today so at least I am blogging in the same month they started...that's saying something! RIGHT!!! August 6, 2014 was the first day of school for all our current kiddos haha with one on the way Ashlyn is still the baby for a little bit! So all the kids started school, Teagan is in the fifth grade, Rayle is in third grade, and Ashlyn is in full day kindergarten! I have mixed emotions about her being gone all day. It's weird to be kidless of my own children because it's been ten years that I have had a child always in the home. I am still watching Thomas so I am not completely alone, but it's different since he is not my child. I was a tad emotional saying good-bye to Ashlyn, I blame my pregnacy hormones!!! She also did not want me to leave. I finally had to walk away and let Brian take over or I would have been a HUGE mess. The boys it was a breeze where Mister Teagan had no wish to kiss us good-bye. We did still get a hug though. Rayle was still cool with hugs and kisses. Can't believe how much our children are growing up! At times it crawls along but then I sit back and boom Teagan has this year and next and then off to junior high! Ack! I know I will really cherish Nolan and his baby days because it truly goes by way too fast! The first day the kids all got off the bus smiling so it was a success. The rest of that first week went well! The following week started with homework and that is where there have been some struggles! Ashlyn is not too excited about homework but hopefully the routine will help and she'll learn to at least tolerate it! This year the kids do at least have an earlier bus drop off time, so that's nice! We get home from the bus around 3:30 so there is time for a little bit of fun in there with homework and dinner as well. Ashlyn starts up with tumbling again soon so that will be fun as well! Hopeful for a great 2014/2015 school year and with the mix of a new baby to boot!
I curled her hair the night before, she loved it!
UGH Rayle and Teagans pictures were so dark! Sad but he looked good!
Something about wearing new shoes, and clothes for the first day of school! It's awesome!
This is my all time favorite picture from that day. The kids faces crack me up. Brian was worried I would hurt myself. I saw something like this on Pinterest and I have been waiting to do it! I think it is a very successful first day of school mommy is excited picture!!!
Teagan in front of his door. 
Me and Teagan
Dad and Teagan
Rayle ready for third grade. 
Me and Rayle 
Dad and Rayle
Ashlyn starting her education!
Me and Ashlyn
Dad and Ashlyn
She was excited about the swings. 
Getting off the bus!
Rayle was quick about getting off. 
Teagan ready to head home. 

Great first day, hopefully we will have lots of great days with only a few cruddy days mixed in. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day

One of our fav days of summer! The day we don our cow wears and get free food! I am all about free and when it comes to something tasty to boot I'm there! This year I planned somewhat ahead, like the day before haha! We tried to find some white shirts at Goodwill to repurpose but came up empty. So off to Hobby Lobby we went. I knew Ashlyn owned a white shirt and as did I. Do I bought two white tees for the boys. Then I bought some black felt, double stick tape, and some white foam visors. When we got home I cut out some spots to tape onto our shirts. I was worried that this idea would not work or last, but thankfully the tape held up fabulously! For the visors I hot glued on the spots and used some white felt to add ears. I think for next year I want to add a tough of hair to each visor and for me and Ashlyn's include a little bow! That night I painted my nails white with black cow spots. They looked pretty darn good! On the actual day of cowness (7-11-14) I had an OB appointment. We opted to not wear our cow garb and changed after my appointment. I also attempted to paint Ashlyn's nails but she can't sit still long so hers weren't as cute as mine. Once we arrived at Chick-fil-a the kids ditched their regular shirt for the cow ones. I had made sure to wear a shirt under my regular one so when I changed the world did not scream out in horror! I brought some pink face paint and a black eye liner to add some pink noses and lashes for just Ashlyn and I. The kids all looked great! For the most part it was easy and fun. It was busy but we found a table. The only issue was there was a balloon guy there and we found out right before he was leaving so Ashlyn had a meltdown and called me horrid things. What a turd! I can't control stuff like that! So we tried to take a picture with the cow but she wanted no part! Anyways already looking forward until next year! 
Our shirts and visors 
She insisted on trying it on. She didn't want to take it off either. 
My nails or at least my left hand. My right hand looked just as fab!
Ashlyn selfie!
My little calves! Rayle did not want the pink nose but he finally agreed!
I am holding back my ear because you could not see Teagan. LOL we enjoyed our lunch!
The boys before we left. Ashlyn is screaming at me while I take the pic. 
Ashlyn took this since she refused to be a part of the group. 

Thanks again Chick-fil-a for such a fun event. I love that they offer these things and more! The location we generally go to has family nights. Last week they had a critter camp out with snakes and spiders. I spaced it though. Love a fun place to take the kids and enjoy the time we have there. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

4th of July

This year we had a low key 4th of July. Brian works nights so he sleeps during the day and I honestly had zero energy to do anything alone. Brian had to work that night so he opted not to go with us. We really missed him! So our plan for the evening was to go to AJ High School like we have done the last few years. I decided to take some yummy snacks along for us. I popped some popcorn and bought some candy like skittles, gummy bears and worms and added it to the popcorn. It was a perfect snack to take along! I also had some fresh blueberries (frozen of course!!!) and strawberries! The school gives away free watermelon as well. I also allowed the kids to get a huge snow cone to share. They had lots of fun running around! I bought a bunch of glow sticks as well they may have had more fun with those! The show was great! A good thirty minutes worth! After they asked the kids for help cleaning up trash. Teagan jumped at the chance. Made me really proud! All in all we had fun. Maybe next year we will attempt at something during the day. I wanted to go to ButcherJones and play at the lake. So maybe next year will be the time we go. 
This is not the 4th but she's so cute!
Enjoying the watermelon. 
I bought this outfit for my new boutique. I was able to sell a few and have some ready for next year! She was too cute in it!
She's playing with her glow in the dark stuff
Rayle put all his together to make a jump rope!
Me and my crew of cuties!

The Sunday prior to the holiday I had the kids dress up. 
Brian joined in just for the picture. 
Ashlyn and her daddy! Aw
The kiddies!
Ashlyn's hair! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Webelos Day Camp

Teagan didn't go to Scout Day camp last year as we had just moved and honestly I didn't even know what it was. We didn't have camp in our previous Stake like this so it was all new. Glad I went with Rayle and new what to expect. I got to go on a Friday again but no other parent was able to attend so it was just me. Thankfully we have some awesome scouts and they were a huge help!!!! Also it was only four boys. They had a lot of fun and it was hot and tiring for me. It took a lot out of me and I didn't recover as quickly as when I went with Rayle. Teagan really loved it and had a wonderful time. Next year he will be in 11 yr old scouts so he was only able to attend this one time. Glad he got to go at least once! 
Bow and arrow
BB gun practice
Boys rocking out to Frozen LOL
Teagan took this and I have to laugh. He was the shortest by far and he could have had someone else snap the pic. Too funny!

I took a lot more photos but with my actual camera. I need to load them onto the computer I just never think to do it. The day I went we were lots of back and forth so I think that is why it was so hard! The boys did a skit which was clever and after we left I tried to treat them to some DQ but it was closed :( so we hit up McDonalds for some dipped cones. The boys enjoyed them! I am grateful for my calling in scouts and that I also get to spend time with my boys!!!! Love them both! And I am truly hoping by the time Nolan is ready for scouts I'll know what I am doing haha!!!!

Temple Open House pics

Back in February we were able to go to the Gilbert Temple twice. Once I took the kids and second we met up with a old friend and went with her and her mom and daughter. Both times were so peaceful and my kids really enjoyed the special event. They felt the spirit and behaved quite well both times. 
This was the first time we went. Notice the dog I asked some little girl to leave in the truck! Of course I got to carry it along with a sleeping baby. I had the little boy I watch and he fell asleep. Dead weight the entire time that was fun! 
Temple it's so big and beautiful!
All of us. Rayle is hiding behind me. He was being a turd for pictures!
See a turd!
Ashlyn and Jules. They had fun together!
My friend MaryKay and I. We have known each other since third grade. Long time!

It was so fun we were able to do this. We are annixious for the Phoenix Temple to be finished soon and attend that open house. Hopefully Brian will be able to go with us!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

February Florida

Well I never blogged about flying to Florida this year. I was able to fly into Florida and be with my sister when she needed me. I am grateful that Brian was so willing to stay home and keep the house together while I was away. I was gone for almost a week and that has never happened. It felt weird to fly alone (actually I wasn't alone, I just didn't know at the time we were expecting!) also the longest I have not been with my kids is like a few days. Usually it's one night. The trip there was great made my connecting flight no problem. On the way home that's another story. The air plane had these fabulous screens that offered TV for all passengers. Well the only thing was flying over the ocean from Ft Launderdale to Houston the screens would NOT turn off and they were a blinding white! It was awful! Also I totally broke my sandal and I had checked my bag (short girl problems with no help means trying to get my bag up in the plane would have been something seen on America's Funniest Videos!) so when they offered checked bags for free I was all for it! So my broken sandal was hilarious. There was nothing I tried that would work to fix it. It was a strap not plastic and the huge foam kind. I finally said screw it and went bare foot. I just recently got another pair of sandals so I have gone months without any and the real reason I wanted some was because it's getting hard to bend over to reach my feet hahaha! So the flight was not ideal coming home but I was happy to see my hubby and kids even though they were all zonked out. I got in just before midnight so I can't blame them! 
Winston loves me! 
Cool old RR stop
My next Halloween outfit. J/K that's a lot of candy! 
Enormous box of nerds! 
This shop smelled heavenly!!!
Beach goer beware they will sting ya! We saw a ton of them washed up on shore. 
The water was perfect!
Hoping a wave doesn't knock me over 
Glad my sister wanted out of the house. Though this took a lot out of her. 
We rode the trolley back to her car. It was nice to catch a breather. 
View from the plane
Stupid screen that would flash the entire two plus hour flight to TX. 
My attempts haha FAIL
This got me onto my next flight...almost broke while walking up to the plane door. I tried to buy some shoes while in Houston but what they had was awful ugly and like $50 and more YIKES!!!
The kids that missed me SOOOOO much hahaha
I felt the love. It happened to be my birthday what a bunch of party poopers! It's not every day you turn 29....again! ;)