Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

So I meant to blog this but life happened. We started our second full week of school today so at least I am blogging in the same month they started...that's saying something! RIGHT!!! August 6, 2014 was the first day of school for all our current kiddos haha with one on the way Ashlyn is still the baby for a little bit! So all the kids started school, Teagan is in the fifth grade, Rayle is in third grade, and Ashlyn is in full day kindergarten! I have mixed emotions about her being gone all day. It's weird to be kidless of my own children because it's been ten years that I have had a child always in the home. I am still watching Thomas so I am not completely alone, but it's different since he is not my child. I was a tad emotional saying good-bye to Ashlyn, I blame my pregnacy hormones!!! She also did not want me to leave. I finally had to walk away and let Brian take over or I would have been a HUGE mess. The boys it was a breeze where Mister Teagan had no wish to kiss us good-bye. We did still get a hug though. Rayle was still cool with hugs and kisses. Can't believe how much our children are growing up! At times it crawls along but then I sit back and boom Teagan has this year and next and then off to junior high! Ack! I know I will really cherish Nolan and his baby days because it truly goes by way too fast! The first day the kids all got off the bus smiling so it was a success. The rest of that first week went well! The following week started with homework and that is where there have been some struggles! Ashlyn is not too excited about homework but hopefully the routine will help and she'll learn to at least tolerate it! This year the kids do at least have an earlier bus drop off time, so that's nice! We get home from the bus around 3:30 so there is time for a little bit of fun in there with homework and dinner as well. Ashlyn starts up with tumbling again soon so that will be fun as well! Hopeful for a great 2014/2015 school year and with the mix of a new baby to boot!
I curled her hair the night before, she loved it!
UGH Rayle and Teagans pictures were so dark! Sad but he looked good!
Something about wearing new shoes, and clothes for the first day of school! It's awesome!
This is my all time favorite picture from that day. The kids faces crack me up. Brian was worried I would hurt myself. I saw something like this on Pinterest and I have been waiting to do it! I think it is a very successful first day of school mommy is excited picture!!!
Teagan in front of his door. 
Me and Teagan
Dad and Teagan
Rayle ready for third grade. 
Me and Rayle 
Dad and Rayle
Ashlyn starting her education!
Me and Ashlyn
Dad and Ashlyn
She was excited about the swings. 
Getting off the bus!
Rayle was quick about getting off. 
Teagan ready to head home. 

Great first day, hopefully we will have lots of great days with only a few cruddy days mixed in. 

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