Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because it is more laid back than Christmas. You know Santa leaves things to be wrapped and put together. So we had our dinner at my step mom Gail's in Gilbert. We had a full house. Grandma and Grandpa Warren came up from Oracle, Grant and Whitney came up from Tucson, Brian's mom Tina and Jim joined us too. We drove over with my Grandma Hummer and my sister Candy. Chad and Jen we missed you. They went to Ajo. So we all had fun. Rayle took each of us about 5o times to see the bear and to give it a pet. The bear is a black bear rug named Gretta and has been around for a few decades. My dad shot her I think in 89 and if you ever get the chance to eat bear meat it is sooooooo GOOD! Anyways Rayle loves to go see it and the first time he gets scared but he has to go back to take a peek and then finally touch it. It is funny and he roped us all in to going with him down the hall. Now we had all the same traditions, but one that we have had is most likely not at other tables. This would be Roots pie. I am sure that is not the real name but that is what we have called it. (I do not eat pie, but I have heard it is very good) It is a pumpkin pie with chocolate pudding on top. Brian loves this about my family, and I have never even tried it! Anyways we had fun and we are doing it all over tomorrow with Brian's dad side of the family, and oh I am making a pie to bring. It is the only kind I like except ice cream. It is Hershey Bar Pie and so GOOD. I just finished making it and had some nibbles, it was eatable! Hopefully it will make it to the party;-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where is my life jacket?

I love the comments that my boys come up with. They both have such personality. Well this morning it was raining, and Teagan and Rayle both wanted to go out in it. Teagan said, "Mom, go get my life jacket." I said, "Life jacket, what life jacket?" Then he said, "You know the orange one go get it." Well the orange life jacket is a snow jacket. I guess he has been watching Back to the Future too many times, you know when Marty is in the future wearing the orange vest. Anyways just thought I would write this one down for the ages.

And a side note it is not raining anymore, our one day of moisture is gone for the moment.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We been up to a lot!

So I have been waiting to upload photos so that I could write about what has been going on. We have done lots so far and it is so nice to be near everything that you could need. At the beginning of November we went to the Phoenix Zoo with Diana, Spencer, Scott, and Any. It was so fun and the boys love going. My grandma has a membership with me on it so it was the cost of gas and I splurged on food there. We plan on going again soon. Here are some fun pics from the day.

My little monkey climbed into the exhibit. I guess he wanted to be a part of the zoo everyday. My two little joeys!
On November 11th we went to the Mesa Veterans Parade. The boys had so much fun. We even had to leave early since it was so long and we were getting hungry. The Coolidge parades last oh about 5 minutes so it was fun to go to this one.

The boys play outside almost everyday, it is so nice right now. Teagan rides his scooter and Rayle is crazy on his push toy.

Rayle is so fun. Here is a video of him singing. I hope you can hear it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tagged What are my quirks?

Okay so I got tagged and I am to list my quirks. Thinking about it I am just perfect in every shape. I know yeah right. So I had to go and ask my better half since I am sure Teagan and Rayle would just tell me that I am mean and never let them have anything. (About 99.9% of their million toys are in storage!) So Brian seemed like a better person to ask about what I do. I was able to come up with number 1 though.

1. When I writing an e-mail not matter who it is too I have to spell check it. I reread it like 3 times before I send it out. I hate looking dumb and I type fast so I misspell words a lot. Even on C$ if I make a long post that I am unsure about I will copy it to Microsoft and spell check it there. I wish C$ would put spell check on the MB for posting. That would be great. Since I have been in school we have Discussion Questions each week and I have gotten lazy with the rereading part, but you can pick to have spell check pop up and I have it set. So I am good in the spell check realm. (Just checked you bet!)

2. I have always loved going to check the mail. When I was younger I had to beg to be able to go and get the mail. I just love seeing what is in there. Now that I am older, I still enjoy it but what's in there? Bills and junk!!!!! E-mails are nice but let's keep the U.S. Postal Service in business people!

3. I love answering the phone just like going to get the mail, you never know who that 1-888 number could be. Now we of course have Caller ID and I can see who is calling but it does not always say a name. Brian hates to answer the phone if there is no name. It DRIVES ME CRAZY that he will not pick up the phone. So if I am home and you call unless I am in the bathroom I am running to that phone.

4. Bag Balm. Okay I am no cow but I love this stuff! I generally have soft skin but in the winter my hands crack. What I do is get a glob of Bag Balm and smear it all over my hands and then I have Brian put sock over it so it does not get every where. He hates to help me because sometimes it gets on him. Hey honey it is only a few months out of the year.

5. Candy deals got love my Snickers! Okay the big candy holiday was last month and I have some much candy left over. We went to CVS on Wed. and I looked at the candy clearance and Brian said no way. We have like 8 bags that have not even been opened yet. Better join a gym quick.

6. Items that are free with a coupon. I LOVE going shopping. I LOVE getting items for free with a coupon. It is such a great feeling to walk out of a store with a bag full of stuff and not spend money except for tax. Colgate is Free this week, do I need it? No I have 15 tubes of toothpaste. I did take it off my list because I need transactions of 30 and I had my 60 items for a run for two times. But hey I donate a lot so it is all good. When you shop and the most expensive item costs $0.50 then you have a good thing going for you!!!!!!

7. How I "clean" the kitchen. I HATE to clean I know that I need to do it but I hate it. So Brian pointed out that the way I clean the kitchen is not up to par with his standards or the rest of the worlds I guess. When I clean the kitchen I do the dishes, and wipe down the counters. This is not good enough because I need to clean the sink, the floor, and the table. Why??? I have two small kiddos it will just get dirty in 2 minutes anyways. I know I need to clean more often, but I would rather spend my time doing something else. I need to get a maid.

Brian got on a roll! Thanks honey for reminding me of just how crazy I can be.

I tag:
Melissa M.
Diana C.
Missy S.
Jessica L.

Ladies just list some quirks about yourself and let me know that you did it so I can come and read about your craziness. I did 7 but you can do as many as you want!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October, What a month!!!!

I am so glad this month is over. It has been long! We have done a lot and it feels like we can rest now a bit before the next Holiday rush. To begin the month on the 4th and the 5th we went to Brian's cousins wedding. It was so beautiful. It was in Scottsdale at the Valley Ho Hotel. It threatened to rain but all we got was some sprinkles. The weeding was outside on the lawn and the reception was on the top of the hotel. It was lovely. We were even graced by a rainbow before it got dark.
Congrats Katie and David
On the 5th they had a brunch and we were able to bring the boys. I think I gained 10 pounds just in that weekend. The food was so good!!! It was fun to see everyone relaxed and wish the newly weds happiness on their honeymoon.
Teagan and Rayle relaxing at the brunch.

The next weekend Brian had his 10th High School Reunion. (Wow he's old! j/k) It was at Dave and Busters on the other edge of the world. It was fun for Brian to see old friends and I had fun eating. (more food more weight!) After they decided to go bowling. It was about 1:30 am when we left. Rayle had gone to Urgent Care that day because of some bug bite that had gotten infected so we found a 24 hour CVS and filled his RX. It was fun wandering the store that late at night. It has been awhile since we were both up that late and out of the house. We got to my Mom's around 2:30 am. The next day my sister was in a triathlon but we were too tired to go. Sorry sis. I heard she did well though.

The lighting was HORRIBLE! I have no idea why they had such crappy lighting. What did they expect 10 people to show up. Oh Well!

The next weekend Teagan was in his first Primary program which I posted about already. That was a fun weekend. Thanks to all the family that drove out to share it with us. Still wish I could have watched it!

We found out some great news after about 5 months.
The next week found out some crappy news!:( What can you do?

All that weight gain for nothing!!! I gained 12 pounds so now I need to get rid of it before we get prego again. Crakers and water here I come.

On the 25th we were going to have our Ward Trunk or Treat but it got changed because of a school conflict (still kinda mad about that since I had scheduled that date in Feb.) So we came out to Mesa and went to my mom's church carnival. Teagan had fun and Rayle if we had stayed longer may have warmed up.

During this entire month we had been on the search for a new home. We found some but every time it fell through. So we decided that the best thing was to move in with my Grandma (3 out of 5 cousins living on their own had so it was my turn.) We rented a storage unit (we have a LOT of junk) and started packing up. Brian and I are living in her studio apartment in the back and the boys share a room in the house. So far it has been nice to be close to the real world. We still need to move over everything to storage, but plan to do that this week. I plan to work part time at the schools in Coolidge and continue to go to school full time. Oh yeah just finished another block of classes. I planned that one well, let's move during my last week of the block. I got a 78% on my math final pretty happy with that since it has been a few years since I took math seriously! So I hope November will treat us nice, and maybe in a few more months we will have some good news again. Can't wait for the HOT summer months!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG!! Where is the pool is all I can say. I should be able to float well!

Of course we celebrated Halloween too. On Thursday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat so the boys could have one more time with their friends. Then on Halloween we stayed here in Mesa and went. I used the wagon to pull them and their candy around, what a nice mom.

At the Ward Trunk or Treat. Rayle you need to lighten up some!

At my Grandma's before going out. Rayle wanted the light saver and was having a fit about it. It is now on top of the entertainment center. I hope I don't forget about it.