Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's your NAME??

I never know who he is going to be each day. Sometimes he stays the same, other days he is someone new. One thing that I will say is he sure is imaginative! Once he pretends he is a character he stays in that mode all day. The big one of late has been Batman. He goes all out! When he is not in his Batman suit he request that we call him Bruce Wayne. Really!! I get reprimanded if I don't address him as Bruce. His other favorites are Peter Parker/Spiderman, Kent Clark/Superman, Logan/Wolverine, and there are others but I don't need to write a novel. I could not find a picture of Rayle dressed like Batman. He finds all sorts of masks or things and puts them on. He also LOVES to get his face painted, but he likes to take it off right after I am done. Hello I just spent 10 to 15 minutes painting your face you are leaving it on all DAY!! Last week he walked around Costco like a vampire and everyone LOVED it. He thought that was pretty cool.

By the way his name, his REAL name is Rayle Carter Gibson!

Give me a COKE

Not really, but these pictures were just too funny I had to share. The can was not opened and Ashlyn got a hold of it. Her hair cracks me up. She had just gotten up from a nap. I love it!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I know that it is hot in other places of the world, but Arizona is HOT HOT HOT!!! (record heat tomorrow :( ) A few weeks ago we got a teaser of cooler weather, and than it spiked back up. I read blogs about people starting to wear long sleeves or needing beanies for Halloween, here in AZ we are still in tank tops and shorts, okay I don't wear tank tops but the shorts I do. Anyways our little home does not have central air, yep we roast in the summer, and freeze in the winter. Lots of fun. The house has two large window units that are in the wall somehow. We bought Ashlyn a portable unit this summer as her room seemed to get the hottest, and her crib is in there so she needs to sleep in there. The boys have however been sleeping on our loveseat together every night for the last couple of months. It has been a chore to wake Teagan up for school, as he is not getting the rest he needed. Both boys constantly come into where our bed is to sleep with us. Not fun at all. Also both boys move all over the bed while sleeping so Brian and I love a nice kick to the face at night. Anyways yesterday we were at Target and I happened stop because of course some clearance items caught my eye. Well we found a window unit for the boys room. It was $49 and some change. We were planning on getting another unit like Ashlyn's ($350) so $50 bucks is much better. We had been waiting on the purchase as we have had to shell out an extra $1000 this month. I have been feeling really bad as the boys need to be back in their room, but we did not have that extra money. But we could so handle $50. Brian put that baby in before they went to bed. This morning they were both up and ready to go. I didn't even have to wake them, and their room was a freezer. Maybe I will start sleeping in there too. I am so glad we found that unit, and I am grateful that they can now get a goods night rest in their own beds where they will not kick each other in the face.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you know me you know I LOVE FREE!!!!!!

I LOVE getting things for free at the grocery store, but you want to know the ultimate FREE thing that I have gotten? Four tickets to a Diamondbacks game on September 1, 2010, in the POOL!! That's right Brian, the boys, and I got to go to a game and our tickets were for the pool. It was so MUCH FUN!! We each got a towel (which we had no idea we would get), also they feed us! Bonus as we were expecting to buy dinner. We spent $8 for parking and the gas to get there. So much fun!!! The boys loved the pool and were in it the entire game except for eating. How did we go for free? I signed up for D-back rewards through Fry's. Each item has a point value so I bought groceries that we used and I was able to add up a 1000 points for the tickets. So it was like a bonus for buying food and such.
So a TV crew came into the pool and did some filming. Teagan monopolized the camera. There were other kids in the pool but he got right in front of the camera and hammed it up. I guess he was on TV (like everyone else saw!) Mark Grace, I heard had made comments about the kid with the goggles and to stop showing him. HAHAHA That's my boy. We need to find a link of Teagan on TV. I think that is pretty cool. A friend and one of Brian's managers asked about it as I guess Brian and Rayle were on TV too. So FUNNY!! I got this picture of Teagan on a TV screen as he was being filmed.
The boys after the game! We won 5-2 with a GRAND SLAM to win the game.
Brian and Teagan in the pool.
Rayle really did have a good time. Not sure why he is not smiling.
Swimming away in the cool D-backs pool.

I had also done the same kind of thing with the Suns VIP Rewards. Brian and I were able to go to a basketball game. I also got 3 metal lunch boxes and a kids pack. I recently got the kids pack as it was on back order. It included two small Steve Nash jerseys, two children's hats, two backpacks, and two wristband and sweatband sets. How awesome is that?! The jerseys alone were $55 a pop. Again I just bought food that was linked to VIP points and I was able to get this for the boys. Since our boys are small the jerseys are HUGE and they can wear them for awhile.

Rayle showing off the loot!

Fry's I LOVE you and all your great extras that we can take advantage of!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ashlyn Happy First Birthday!!

On Sunday, August 29th, Ashlyn turned one year old! Hooray for her!! She is such a sweet and fun little girl. On Saturday we were able to have a party for her. It was such a great time. My mom has a timeshare in Scottsdale and so we decided to have the party there. We made up some kabobs (SO GOOD!) and we were able to use the pool. It was so fun and I know Ashlyn will not remember this special day but everyone else will!
I made Ashlyn her very own little smash cake!
Brian got some pictures of Ashlyn from under the glass table.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Put a stick in it, it's done. Forget the cake GIVE ME ICE CREAM!!!
Not loving the Birthday Crown.
I love this picture of Rayle. He was not posing for a picture but just having so much fun on this blow up shark!
Thanks Aunt Tracy for the blow up toy for Ashlyn, she LOVED it!!!
Nice moves Teagan!!
We were not able to go into the pool for awhile, they needed to treat the water. Ashlyn kept running to the water, she wanted to get in so bad.

Ashlyn went to the doctor yesterday and here are her one year stats:
She is a light weight at 16.14 1/2 pounds (3-5%)
She stands at 28 1/4 inches (27%)
Her head measures 17 1/4 inches

She has 6 teeth out all the way (four on top and two on the bottom) and she has her top one year molars showing and the bottom will show any day now. LOTS OF TEETH!!
Ashlyn started walking right before she was eleven months. She is getting better each and every day. She walks well with shoes on and she can stand from a sitting position.

Ashlyn is very independent, but I think it's because she has two older brothers that like to pick on her. She has even started throwing tantrums, HELLO I thought I would have at least another six months until that happened. She arches her back and screams. She has also started biting, thanks to Rayle. What do you think will happen if you put your fingers in her mouth???
She loves to eat! Like I mean all day long. Not sure where the food is going since she is so skinny!

She only says a few words like mamma, dadda, and uh oh. She waves and loves to give kisses. She shakes her head yes and no when we ask her questions. She also LOVES to laugh. She has many different kinds of laughs which I think is hilarious. She has her regular laugh and then she has this laugh that you know she is just up to no good. It has this little evil twist to it. It is hard to explain but so funny to hear. Ashlyn likes to play with balls and most of the boys toys. She loves to push things around and carry purse like items. She is so FUN!! We love you like crazy little girl of ours!!! We are so happy to have you in our family!