Friday, September 17, 2010


I know that it is hot in other places of the world, but Arizona is HOT HOT HOT!!! (record heat tomorrow :( ) A few weeks ago we got a teaser of cooler weather, and than it spiked back up. I read blogs about people starting to wear long sleeves or needing beanies for Halloween, here in AZ we are still in tank tops and shorts, okay I don't wear tank tops but the shorts I do. Anyways our little home does not have central air, yep we roast in the summer, and freeze in the winter. Lots of fun. The house has two large window units that are in the wall somehow. We bought Ashlyn a portable unit this summer as her room seemed to get the hottest, and her crib is in there so she needs to sleep in there. The boys have however been sleeping on our loveseat together every night for the last couple of months. It has been a chore to wake Teagan up for school, as he is not getting the rest he needed. Both boys constantly come into where our bed is to sleep with us. Not fun at all. Also both boys move all over the bed while sleeping so Brian and I love a nice kick to the face at night. Anyways yesterday we were at Target and I happened stop because of course some clearance items caught my eye. Well we found a window unit for the boys room. It was $49 and some change. We were planning on getting another unit like Ashlyn's ($350) so $50 bucks is much better. We had been waiting on the purchase as we have had to shell out an extra $1000 this month. I have been feeling really bad as the boys need to be back in their room, but we did not have that extra money. But we could so handle $50. Brian put that baby in before they went to bed. This morning they were both up and ready to go. I didn't even have to wake them, and their room was a freezer. Maybe I will start sleeping in there too. I am so glad we found that unit, and I am grateful that they can now get a goods night rest in their own beds where they will not kick each other in the face.


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry about the heat! Record heat tomorrow??? YIKES! That is not fun and I feel sooo bad!

I remember right after Loren and I were married we lived in a trailer with a swap cooler (hooray, right?) and we begged and begged the landlord to add wall units (as they claimed they were gonna, it was just taking them forever since they were living in their cozy, A/C-ed house).

We got a wall mount in the living room and one in the bedroom. The one in the living room worked like crap because the walls around the trailer were mega thin (and I mean like three/four inches thick here with crappy insulation--if any). But it was nice and chilly in our bedroom at night.

I had to admit they were better than nothing (though our electric bill was THROUGH THE ROOF for July and August).

I wish I could help you out! Good luck and I pray that tomorrow it will suddenly, freakishly rain and rain and rain and then never get warm again until next summer!

Heidi said...

Look at you and your great deals!

I totally feel for you about the weather there. That is one thing I do NOT miss. Maybe in the dead of winter I do though! It is nice to have an actual "fall".

I am so jeaous about the diamondbacks game! How fun is that?! And that you got to be on the tv. Sweet! Way to go Teagan!