Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's your NAME??

I never know who he is going to be each day. Sometimes he stays the same, other days he is someone new. One thing that I will say is he sure is imaginative! Once he pretends he is a character he stays in that mode all day. The big one of late has been Batman. He goes all out! When he is not in his Batman suit he request that we call him Bruce Wayne. Really!! I get reprimanded if I don't address him as Bruce. His other favorites are Peter Parker/Spiderman, Kent Clark/Superman, Logan/Wolverine, and there are others but I don't need to write a novel. I could not find a picture of Rayle dressed like Batman. He finds all sorts of masks or things and puts them on. He also LOVES to get his face painted, but he likes to take it off right after I am done. Hello I just spent 10 to 15 minutes painting your face you are leaving it on all DAY!! Last week he walked around Costco like a vampire and everyone LOVED it. He thought that was pretty cool.

By the way his name, his REAL name is Rayle Carter Gibson!


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Adorable! What an imaginative little boy! I just love that! I love the face painting! Incredible!

Anderson Family said...

awesome face painting skills!