Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Well Ashlyn has been in need of a trim for some time now. Her hair gets so tangled and I knew it was time. Well I set up an appointment with a friend and as we were driving I asked her what she wanted. She said I want to cut it short! I really LOVE that girls hair. It's so beautiful!!!! But it is her hair. So I quickly pulled up Pinterest and tossed her my phone. She found a cute bob that she wanted. So when we got to my friends house she pulled her hair into some braids so we could donate the hair. I truly love the cut and I am sure it will be a breeze to take care of but man I can't wait for it to grow back! Ashlyn also mentioned that we now look the same since my hair is shorter too. Okay got to love a girl that wants to be like mommy! Melt my heart sweetie! 
She doesn't understand what donating means so she was not amused here. Look at those long locks!!!
Meet my daughter that already acts older, and now looks it even more! Also glad she had pictures recently with her long hair!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nolan 5 Months

It's no April Fools Nolan is 5 months old!!! How is that possible? Nolan got two teeth at the end of March. Can't wait to snap that first toothy grin! He is trying hard to sit up on his own. So strong! He adores his daddy and looks for him all the time when he hears him speak. Sadly for me it doesn't seem he is getting enough from nursing alone, so we have started to supplement with formula. I hate that since I didn't have to do this with any of the other kids. Of course him getting what he needs is most important. Nolan loves holding his hands together, and it's pretty much adorable. He loves sleeping on his side or tummy. He also has been sleeping in his crib since mid March. He is doing well. He was sleeping through the night, but occasionally will wake up to nurse in the early mornings. He started blowing raspberries, and I still need to capture it on video. He is such a calm baby most of the time and brings such a sweet spirit into this crazy hectic home. Nolan is weighing in around 15 pound and is 26 inches long!