Monday, March 31, 2014


So Rayle has liked a certain girl since kindergarten. We have always teased him about it which he hates but it was cute. Well now I am thinking it's not too cute. Today Rayle came home with a "love note"!!! I could not believe it. What do I do, I know if it was my daughter I wouldn't want this happening, the kids are in second grade for crying out loud! Well as we were sitting down to dinner my phone rang and this sweet little girl is calling for RAYLE!!! WHAT!!! I asked her if her mother knew if she was calling for him and she said yes. UGH not so sure if I believe. Well since we were eating I asked her to call back later. Poor Rayle is being teased by everyone now. He claims it's all this girl but he sure is acting silly. Reminds me of my brother when he would call a girl and be so nervous about it. Cracked me up! Anyways I told Rayle no dating until he is 16 and even then it's group dating only. Also he can't kiss any girls until his wedding day. We didn't need to go down this road for many years. Darn cute girls!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let it go

The movie Frozen came out on Tuesday this week. I preordered on Amazon as I had a $10 credit and wanted to save some money. I paid just under $16 for the combo pack. We got the movie Wednesday afternoon and since then we have watched the movie at least ONCE a day except today. LOL kids have yet to watch it. I am surprised that it has not come on yet. I seriously don't mind watching or listening to the movie. I LOVE it!!! So glad all the kids love it. It's wonderful when great movies come out and we can all enjoy them. Ashlyn is determined to have the "real" Elsa come to her birthday August!!! Hahaha she is already planning and honestly I better get with it too because the "real" Elsa gets booked out fast. Maybe I'll book next month and hope for the best! 

One other item, Ashlyn had kindergarten testing on Saturday. Can't believe she'll be in school next August, seems she's too young! Which she will be but still I can't believe she'll be in school with the big kids. She was so cute and nervous before she went in, but she perked up and did what she needed to do. Now we wait until school starts to see how well she did. That's the pits!!! I just hope she is around average and not below because I can't stand the teacher that does the lower class ability at the school. 

Oh boys got their report cards and both made Honor Roll this quarter! So proud of their efforts!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


So sad to read a post and see all the comments young and immature children will respond with. I follow lots of different people on Instagram and one happens to be

Mindy posted a beautiful picture of when the family was sealed to their first adopted child. Sad that one person can make a rude comment and then bring down many others to stup low along side of her. Instead of giving attention to the rude commenter rise above it! It shows most of the commenters are young themselves and can't rise above it. Satan crept in and found a place in many hearts instead of just that one. Praying for all of those that then turned and made the one rude comment more noticed and allowed for a cruel side to shine through themselves. Be kind no matter what! Don't lower yourself to make a rude comment back when one has already been made! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogging eek!

know I have been HORRIBLE about keeping this up! So bad because yesterday I was browsing old posts and all the stuff I have forgotten but because I wrote about it, it jogged my memory or in the least made me smile! So here is a recap. Christmas was low key as in very low key. We didn't do the traditional Gibson family Chrismas Eve because Brian was scheduled to work that night. The morning of they blanked the job but we had already canceled so instead we went and saw the Disney movie Frozen!!! Totally fell in love with the movie. I bought the soundtrack the 26th and the rest of the break we rocked out to all the great music! We didn't do too much over break kids just enjoyed their Christmas treasures. January seemed to fly by maybe because I knew I was flying to FL. Only major event I remember is the PineWood Derby. Teagan had a cool car but dad should have added more weight. Oh well next year! And there will be two racers! Beginning of February I flew to FL to be with Candy during her surgery. It was hard to see her go through this struggle. I hope soon everything will be behind her and she will be happy and healthy! For my birthday we went to the Renniassnce Festival! The kids didn't really enjoy it like I thought they would. We didn't spend enough money because they wanted to do more of the hands on things then watching the shows and such. Next time maybe it will be better since they will know what to expect. Who knows! Teagan had a Science Fair and we procrastinated like crazy. Finally worked on it a few days before it was due. However he did get choosen from his class to be a finalist. Only four kids from each class were submitted, so that's pretty awesome! He got a certificate and a ribbon. Also we had our Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. I am cub master in the ward and share with two other ladies in setting and planning Pack Meetings. It was a tad crazy because we had an RSVP and people showed with out confirming. Hate that! There was a hustle to set up more tables and of course the food went quickly. The theme was Winter Olympics and the kids enjoyed the decor and games. We played floor hockey (favorite game) used spoons and spatulas for the hockey sticks, also had a louge, and moguls. I was in the hockey room so didn't see how the rest of the events went but heard for the most part I was great! That was some stress let me tell ya! The next meeting is coming up and should be more low key! Now it's Spring Break for the boys and I have the baby I watch so not a lot happening! The baby is teething so cranky is an understatement! Hopefully it's awhile before more teeth come! Next week is baby's mom break and they are going to Disney so Thomas is staying with us! Man I hope I survive night feedings because it's been awhile since I had to be aware at night! Maybe I'll make up the water for the bottles and then I just have to add the formula. Thankfully he really is a good baby! I have gotten good news lately any share yet but when I am struggling it's nice to think about the happiness I know about. Hopefully March will continue to be good. The weather here is beautiful door open every day. Love it! Now if I can just get some better rest at night. I am sure it because Brian is gone and I worry. At least it seems I catch up on the weekends! Oh yeah the Open House for the Gilbert Temple was amazing!!! I was able to take the kids twice and both times it was beautiful beyond words! So glad we were able to go. Just wish Brian had been able to come.