Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let it go

The movie Frozen came out on Tuesday this week. I preordered on Amazon as I had a $10 credit and wanted to save some money. I paid just under $16 for the combo pack. We got the movie Wednesday afternoon and since then we have watched the movie at least ONCE a day except today. LOL kids have yet to watch it. I am surprised that it has not come on yet. I seriously don't mind watching or listening to the movie. I LOVE it!!! So glad all the kids love it. It's wonderful when great movies come out and we can all enjoy them. Ashlyn is determined to have the "real" Elsa come to her birthday August!!! Hahaha she is already planning and honestly I better get with it too because the "real" Elsa gets booked out fast. Maybe I'll book next month and hope for the best! 

One other item, Ashlyn had kindergarten testing on Saturday. Can't believe she'll be in school next August, seems she's too young! Which she will be but still I can't believe she'll be in school with the big kids. She was so cute and nervous before she went in, but she perked up and did what she needed to do. Now we wait until school starts to see how well she did. That's the pits!!! I just hope she is around average and not below because I can't stand the teacher that does the lower class ability at the school. 

Oh boys got their report cards and both made Honor Roll this quarter! So proud of their efforts!!!

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