Monday, March 31, 2014


So Rayle has liked a certain girl since kindergarten. We have always teased him about it which he hates but it was cute. Well now I am thinking it's not too cute. Today Rayle came home with a "love note"!!! I could not believe it. What do I do, I know if it was my daughter I wouldn't want this happening, the kids are in second grade for crying out loud! Well as we were sitting down to dinner my phone rang and this sweet little girl is calling for RAYLE!!! WHAT!!! I asked her if her mother knew if she was calling for him and she said yes. UGH not so sure if I believe. Well since we were eating I asked her to call back later. Poor Rayle is being teased by everyone now. He claims it's all this girl but he sure is acting silly. Reminds me of my brother when he would call a girl and be so nervous about it. Cracked me up! Anyways I told Rayle no dating until he is 16 and even then it's group dating only. Also he can't kiss any girls until his wedding day. We didn't need to go down this road for many years. Darn cute girls!!!

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Anderson Family said...

more like darn cute little boys! too good looking for his own good!