Friday, August 27, 2010

Spirit Week~ School Pride Day

Friday was wear your school colors. Last year we had wanted to get a school t-shirt, but it was not in the budget. This year I was able to buy one. So Teagan got to wear his Noah Webster school t-shirt to show his school pride. I think it will fit for next year too, so what a bonus.

As a side note today after school we went and did some errands. Teagan was wearing his t-shirt and running around. I told him that he is wearing his school shirt and that his running around tells people that children that go to Noah Webster do not behave. I also said that even though he was not at school he was representing his school with his shirt. It totally worked he did not run around again. I think I need to make him wear it EVERYDAY!!

Spirit Week~ Crazy Hat Day

Thursday was Crazy Hat Day, and I was at a lost for this. I do have some crazy hats, but they are in a box somewhere and I was not going to go digging in the heat of our storage room to look for them, sorry Teagan. However we happened to go to Krispy Kreme on Wednesday night so it all worked out!

Spirit Week~ Mix 'N Match Day

Okay what do we do with that? I have a son here, he never matches when he picks out his own clothes. j/k Really he is getting so much better about this. So on Wednesday, Teagan needed to wear clothes that did not match, so he came up with something that fit the bill. He also wore two different kinds of shoes to complete the look.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spirit Week~ Crazy Hair Day

I LOVE Crazy Hair Day!! When I was younger and we had Crazy Hair Day it was so fun to do things with my hair. Teagan is a boy obliviously with little options for crazy things to do in his hair, but I still wanted to do something super fun. So lets add some COLOR!! We went to Wal-Mart (YUCK I know I rarely go there) and got some color with GLITTER no less. Teagan wanted Red and Blue, his school colors, but they did not have red only pink. So instead we went with orange. I made up a stencil of a paw print and sprayed away. His school mascot is a wildcat hence the paw print. I thought it looked REALLY cool. I did a paw print on both sides too. What do you think?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spirit Week~ Pajama/Crazy Sock Day

Well schools back in session, and this week is Spirit Week. Teagan's school does this twice a year. Last year we really had fun with it the second time around, I don't think we did it at the beginning of the year, probably because I was either HUGE and pregnant or I had just had Ashlyn and the boys were at my mom's house. I can't remember wow what four pregnancies will do to the mind. Today was Pajama and Crazy Sock day. He found some PJ's to wear and I let him borrow some of my toe socks for his crazy socks. He said he had a great time. This morning as I dropped Teagan off for school, Rayle was really mad that he could not wear his pajamies<---what he calls them, to preschool. I told him I would ask Mrs. Spier if she would think about a Spirit Week. I guess I will have to wait to see what she says. Can't wait until tomorrow, we are going to have fun with that one. ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Blues

Do you ever have a Sunday that is jammed pack and then to top off your ever so busy day your children make you rethink why you had them in the first place????? Well today was THAT day! I had a meeting this morning at 10:30 for Enrichment and took Ashlyn with me. We had a meeting with the Bishop at noon and Brian got the boys bathed and dressed while I was gone. Our church starts at 2:00 pm WHICH we HATE!! Everyone that is not Mormon asks us if we can just go at different times, and it's hard to explain that you go to church in your ward family boundaries. It feels that all day is a waiting period for church to begin. Anyways while meeting with the Bishop, the kids did pretty good. We went home for about 45 minutes then headed back to church. Okay our kids are young but the boys are not that young where they need snack all day long. I have a rule that I don't take out snack until Sacrament has been passed and the young men have been excused to sit with their families. This is not a new rule but I swear EVERY Sunday they ask and ask. Well today was border line tantrum because they wanted snack or drink or SOMETHING. Why they could not just sit there and be QUIET is beyond me!!! It is NOT enjoyable to be at church when your kids are acting up. Last week Brian had to work and I ventured out with them alone and they did not behave like they did today. So I shipped them off to primary and all is good. Ashlyn is pretty good walking around and flirting with everyone. So I got out of Relief Society before Brian finished in Priesthood. I got Rayle and then Teagan. Before Teagan even left his classroom he was having a melt down crying about a Tootsie roll. As we were walking away he had a FULL OUT tantrum lying on the floor and screaming and crying. HELLO he is 6 years old. I was not pleased to say the least. I could not believe what I was seeing. So YES some Sundays just seem to be not worth it. It's suppose to help start the week all nice and calm, but today was the furthest thing from that. Well I guess there is always next week to try a calm and peaceful Sunday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Didn't even blink an eye

They both we so ready for school this morning. Teagan was like why are we parking just drop me off. I was like no we want to walk you to your room. So I was able to get a few snaps and then he spotted a friend and off he went. I did make him come back and give me a kiss. I know he will have a great first day. Because there is a bit of time between when we take Teagan to school and when Rayle's preschool starts we never know what to do. It is dumb to go back home for about 15 minutes and then load up again. When it is not hot we go to a park near preschool, but hello it was in the 90's this morning. No thank you to being outside. So we made a stop at HomeDepot. Rayle was so excited about being at school too. We still got there way early, but that's okay.
Picture before we left the house. I wanted Ashlyn in here too but she was being emotional because she had bed hair and didn't want anyone to see. J/K:)
Teagan outside his First Grade classroom.
Rayle getting ready for Preschool.
The house is so quiet right now, I love it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Vacay is OVER

I never thought I would be one of those moms that LOVED when the first day of school arrived, but I am SO glad school starts tomorrow. Teagan and Rayle have been at each others throats this summer and I am DONE! I love my children, but I seriously need a small break from being mom. That just sounds horrible, but that is how I feel. I am SUPER excited however about first grade for Teagan. His teacher seems great. Last year I was not able to volunteer for the very few opportunities there were to volunteer for because of Ashlyn, but this year the teacher wants parents to help out so I signed up for EVERYTHING that I could. Also I have been spoiled because Brian did not work all of last year when Teagan was in school, but now that he is back to work it will be me making sure the kiddies get to school. I am not a morning person so I will have to manage. Watch out, grumpy mom is on the road.
I know that these following pictures are just CUTE and how in the world can I need a break from them, but well I do!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So this literally just happened. The boys have their shirts off and Rayle was showing Teagan how he can suck in his belly in and out. They were both doing this quickly so it looks like their bellies are rolling. Rayle already has some definition of a six pack and I said that to both of the boys. Teagan then says all seriously, "Well I have an eight pack you just can't see it." Oh my I am still laughing. I think I have a eight pack too and yep you just can't see it.