Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Blues

Do you ever have a Sunday that is jammed pack and then to top off your ever so busy day your children make you rethink why you had them in the first place????? Well today was THAT day! I had a meeting this morning at 10:30 for Enrichment and took Ashlyn with me. We had a meeting with the Bishop at noon and Brian got the boys bathed and dressed while I was gone. Our church starts at 2:00 pm WHICH we HATE!! Everyone that is not Mormon asks us if we can just go at different times, and it's hard to explain that you go to church in your ward family boundaries. It feels that all day is a waiting period for church to begin. Anyways while meeting with the Bishop, the kids did pretty good. We went home for about 45 minutes then headed back to church. Okay our kids are young but the boys are not that young where they need snack all day long. I have a rule that I don't take out snack until Sacrament has been passed and the young men have been excused to sit with their families. This is not a new rule but I swear EVERY Sunday they ask and ask. Well today was border line tantrum because they wanted snack or drink or SOMETHING. Why they could not just sit there and be QUIET is beyond me!!! It is NOT enjoyable to be at church when your kids are acting up. Last week Brian had to work and I ventured out with them alone and they did not behave like they did today. So I shipped them off to primary and all is good. Ashlyn is pretty good walking around and flirting with everyone. So I got out of Relief Society before Brian finished in Priesthood. I got Rayle and then Teagan. Before Teagan even left his classroom he was having a melt down crying about a Tootsie roll. As we were walking away he had a FULL OUT tantrum lying on the floor and screaming and crying. HELLO he is 6 years old. I was not pleased to say the least. I could not believe what I was seeing. So YES some Sundays just seem to be not worth it. It's suppose to help start the week all nice and calm, but today was the furthest thing from that. Well I guess there is always next week to try a calm and peaceful Sunday.

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Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Oh girl I KNOW how you feel. I had to snicker reading your post because my kids do the same. exact. thing.

And of course we love our children. I'd give anything for them. But there are those days when I think, "I did NOT sign up for this!" And there are other times where I doubt if I'm even a good mother if my kids are acting this way! Because there's always that one mother out there, who happens to walk past just as disaster strikes (who either no longer has kids at home or their kids and are, for some blessed reason, proper and never raise their voice over a whisper) who takes a good look at the child, then at you, then at the child and in the midst of it all, throws in her two cents or says something like, "Oh, he/she should go home and take a nap." And it's not in that friendly way, like if you were to say to me, it's in the "I-know-all-but-trying-to-smooth-it-over-and-sound-sweet-and-caring" way that just gets under my skin (moreso than the tantrum throwing child).

Yeah, if Loren's out of town or sick, I totally skip sacrament meeting until Ikee is at least 6mos older.

Sorry for the novel-sized comment. I KNOW how you feel and I'm beyond happy to know that I'm not alone.

Hope you're doing good. Did you ever decide which job was best for Brian? I've been wondering about that lately. Let me know!